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  1. Burntisland 2-3 lomond vics Biggest smash and grab you will ever see with 2 goals at the death! Totally outplayed but a late pen levelled it and we scored in last min to put us in the hat
  2. If the burns keep a few of the players they already have and make a few good signins they will be up there in the prem. But railway are the team to beat. think dixons will win the 1st, got some crackin players down there like willie mcglaughlan and chris mckie but jokers will give them a run for there money.
  3. what a great idea for a tribute to a great man. i will defo be attending that one. hope all goes well and its a great weekend
  4. Burns 4 - 1 Forgewood
  5. RKid


    has bellamy not done it 2?
  6. Dixons Arms were up 7-1 against Weavers when i left, weavers number 8 no interest in playin the game only kickin boys Haha i know who ur on about mate the big mouthy baldy cant in middle?? he was at it wi us tae!! muppet mate idiots like that shldny be on the pitch dixons were playing against the weavers team in their league , the other weavers rovers play in premier, the number 8 mentioned, just had an off day along wi the rest of the team! dixons have too strong a team for that level of sunday football , with quality strath players like chris mckay and willie (canny spell second name but you get who im on about) as well as aldo ang g willie Mclaughlin it will be i think. him and chrissy on there day 2 of the best wingers in the kingdom league, so gona rip it up on a sunday.
  7. I have watched this guy twice this season on TV ya cant and his delivery has been top drawer in both games. Maybe it was a one off in these games but I thought he looked decent. I dont know the ins and outs of why he is available for scotland but he has looked the best left back I have seen play in Scotland for a long time. Only guys born in Scotland or who have Scottish parents. Thats it for me. Couldnt care less if other countries adopt the rule. We arent very good, but at least we know we are Scottish and proud, not some two bit Englishman who cant get a game for England. I dont disagree with you on that front mate but its a tough one if the rules are there then lets take what we can as left back is not an easy spot to fill. At the end of the day if he wants to play for Scotland then i will support him 100% and i'll be there to see his debut in Japan bet he'd rather play for england if he could!! hes no going to add anything we diny have already so i say tell him to get to fcuk.. this will just prove burley is a plonker if this goes thro!! the boys gash tae... whittaker had a decent game on saturday at left back... give him a go instead of this wanabee coventry reject who know one had ever heard of. thts exactly y he he wants to play wi scotland, coz hes nowhere near gid enuff to play wi england, im with ya cant wallace and dixon for me, evem whittaker who can play there. least there actually scottish
  8. RKid


    cheers woooooosh
  9. RKid


    have man united ever had to play a champions league qualifier, to get into the group stages?? if so wot team/s did the play??
  10. heel get away with it tho! shud get hammerd for it tho!
  11. RKid

    The Open

    tiger if he leaves the driver in the bag or atony kim poulter for top brit
  12. think the glens tried to do something with woodside under 19's alot of good players in tht league, espcially lochgelly woodside newburgh would be worth some of the teams linking with them
  13. RKid

    Sergio Aguero

    Remeber watching him in the Under 18 World Cup. The boys got class. Don't think he'll join United though. aye av got the same feeling, maybe if the likes of tevez was stayin or heinze was still there sum1 he could relate to lol, hel prob stay in spain rather than go to england.
  14. been linked with man u. 50 mil. any1 else think they shud buy this guy, some player, and could be one of the best player in the world one day. must help wen ur father in law is maradona tho haha
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