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  1. Cheers for the well wishes from the Kittys lads and Euan. Home from hospital, put the knee back in place in ambulance. X-ray showing no breaks, hopefully ligaments are ok, need to wait for swelling to drop. 50/50 no malice, Kittys boy looked gutted, if the Kittys lads on forum can tell him not to sweat it, one of those things.
  2. Apologies to Brucefield, sure they don't want to win games like that.
  3. Heard game is in doubt as TOTT have only got 6 players available.
  4. You win 50 bar, aka 5 gram of benzo fury. Jackpot.
  5. What a lot of pish on this forum. Boys surely play on a Sunday to play with there mates, all this nonsense about tapping up, new challenges, transfer windows?!? Put down the Fitba Manger for f*cks sake.
  6. Game off for showers no working? Just share showers in other dressing room!? Mind we played up at Jokers/Brucefield last season, away showers didn't work so we just shared the home ones, job done. Bit daft to call a game off for that.
  7. was up watching the game and st Clair missing a few players and goalkeeper st Clair gave away 4 goals on a pitch that looked like it was not cut since last summer lochore wanted it more but a few of there players no 10 dive dive dive no a bad player as well no need for it but Sunday fitbaw please no comments back just saying wot a saw Rained off the day again big baws? Heard the missus is looking out the Gola's again, get you out the house.....
  8. Might fire along to this, is it the High School near tae Hospital Hill?
  9. Would have been a trick if he didnae get the hook. The Kirkcaldy Cafu.
  10. Psyco wi a brace, what a ###### player.
  11. They don't have to change the match mate. It is their home fixture. Sunday fitba.
  12. They don't have to change the match mate. It is their home fixture. Sunday fitba.
  13. Heard the park wasnt playable on the Friday. Maybe get the switches on the go when the council are open.....just a thought.
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