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  1. 1)Mark-burns 2)Railway tavern© 3)hortsman(c?)- chokers 4) Watty moodie - lochore (club captain) 5)Hutchy- Eddys 6)Jamie Snoddy-burns 7)Lee Snoddy-burns 8) Speiro ©-burns 9) Harris - burns 10)Leeroy - burns 11)willie"the goal machine" campbell- Acorn
  2. Superb result Thornton! Well done gibby and co. Yous deserve it, enjoy!
  3. try this link benjo should help http://jeroenarendsen.nl/pics/palmback-v-sign.jpg You grow a crackin' beard yogi!
  4. If the Burns win tonight against Acorn does that mean they pretty much win the league?
  5. Congrats Durs well done! Hope Jo and baby Grace are well.
  6. Good result Burns, only a few more games to go! Who got the goal anyway? Is Ty playing for yous now?
  7. What happened Bear? Did he reject your advances? Chin up pal.
  8. Brilliant result Thornton! Lets go on now and finish the league as champs!
  9. All the best pal, I know how you feel, unfortunately once your fuked your fuked All the best from the Burns Tavern
  10. For a large period in the match it remained 1-0 to the burns after we went to sleep at a set piece. But that was more to do with dogged defending and the Burns trying to walk it in. At half time 1-0 felt as though the albion still had the ability to nick a goal, but the burns defence tended to deal with or counter attacks rather well, and while we did have chances the ball just didnt fall for us, or if it did it fell to the wrong player and the counter attack became the burns counter attacking. Burns persistance finally broke through us for their second mid way through the second half, after that the Albion tried a bit harder, but kept giving the ball away cheaply. Two late goals doubled the burn's tally, no more than they should have had if not for thegood defending again by the albions rear guard. Told the boys sometimes you get beat by better teams, no matter how hard you try and that their is no shame in putting up a good fight and making a good countance of themselves. Burns are very confident on the ball and gave our midfield the run around, but we never gave up. All the best to Burns, a lot of individual skill, playing as a team. Cheers! Good unbiased report. I like the fact you are gracious in defeat and didnt blame: Your players Burns players Ref Weather Pitch Day light Facilities Water bottles Spectators etc etc. As you say 'Sometimes you get beat by better teams!'
  11. Good result for Acorn, it getting tight up the top! Any match report from KDY v Burns game?
  12. Whats the fixtures? I dont think all leagues will be decided.
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