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  1. Hope you and the Mrs are ok Pal ,take care Hopefully all this Sh@t will be Better Soon and we can all enjoy the Fitbaw and a Pint and the Banter Ootside Again.
  2. Think your Correct Pete,this season’s Finished,Better safe than Sorry.
  3. Cooncil parks could be a problem,they’re Usually not in play from May till August.
  4. Great Idea but try and convince the Safa.
  5. Pedro,We could have Games off Due to Weather,Then there’s this Virus which isnae going away anytime soon,You might be Lucky to Start playing Again in April,the Seasons looking Over before it’s got Started Unfortunately.
  6. It’s not a Case of If you get the COVID it’s More a Chance of When, You can do Everything By the Book and Still end up with the Virus.
  7. Cannae see many games Tomorrow,Weather Forecast is P**H.
  8. Nae need to worry about the Insurance the season might not start till next year,better the money in the Clubs Bank account than the Scottish Coffers.
  9. A widnae hud yir Brith aboot the 24th.
  10. Correct,They’ve no got Nippy Running the Show Though. Lol
  11. Got to Agree with you Pete,Could even be next Year before Amateur Footballs back(hopefully not)still no Gyms Swimming Pools open Its a Nightmare.
  12. Would be descent if somebody from Falkland Could inform the League if this is True or Fake News.
  13. Instead of Surmising what’s going on I’m sure if they are Folding they’ll let the People that Really Matter know First then they’ll let the rest know when they’re ready,Hopefully everything will be Ok,they’re Descent people at Falkland and at the End of the day it Could be Next year Before Amateur Football Resumes so they’ve got Plenty time to get things Sorted.
  14. I’ve watched what’s being said on the Forum about teams Training when they should not be,but it’s understandable if they did,because everyone wants the Best for their Team, I heard from a Good Source that Muchty(who blamed Newburgh for training during the Lockdown) Arnie Innocent.
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