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  1. Guide result for GPR.
  2. Would imagine there will be a few games Off on Saturday.
  3. ceejay


    Well done.
  4. ceejay


    You have to be Joking Kinch. Lol
  5. It may well be the case that with not a lot of games being cancelled this season this maybe the only option left,I always tried to have teams playing each other once before the end of the year unless they were cup games then played the rest after new year,but everybody has there own way of running things.
  6. ceejay

    Results 12/1/19

    Thought you’d retired Lass.
  7. ceejay

    League Table @ 8th December

    Do you ever get a minute to yourself Walter.
  8. ceejay

    Holidays Shutdown.

    I take it next Saturday (15th)will be the Final games for this year,with the exception of any Scottish Replays if Required,with the games resuming on the 5th January.
  9. ceejay

    Fife Cup 2018-2019

    Probably at the next Fife meeting,whenever that is.
  10. It’s all in the Handbook is it not.
  11. Thought you’d retired lass.
  12. ceejay


    Think there will be a few games Off tomorrow.