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  1. Would be descent if somebody from Falkland Could inform the League if this is True or Fake News.
  2. Instead of Surmising what’s going on I’m sure if they are Folding they’ll let the People that Really Matter know First then they’ll let the rest know when they’re ready,Hopefully everything will be Ok,they’re Descent people at Falkland and at the End of the day it Could be Next year Before Amateur Football Resumes so they’ve got Plenty time to get things Sorted.
  3. I’ve watched what’s being said on the Forum about teams Training when they should not be,but it’s understandable if they did,because everyone wants the Best for their Team, I heard from a Good Source that Muchty(who blamed Newburgh for training during the Lockdown) Arnie Innocent.
  4. Of the Three Option the Guy Offered to Do only Option Two and Three are Viable,He would Need a Crystal Ball to predict Fixtures when the Fife and Scottish Cups Start.
  5. If you think you can do better guys vote the Entire Committee of at the Agm,and do it yourselves,you’d probably be doing them a Favour if they read some of the P—h being Spouted on the Forum Lately,that’ll no happen tho,the way things are going fitbaw will be lucky to start before January,I personally think the Committee are doing a Descent Job in Exceptional Times.
  6. Forget the Domestic cups for 1 season League,Scottish,and Fife Cups only.
  7. Think the Safa are putting all associations in a position where they make the decision not the Safa.
  8. There are times when the Fixtures Sec has no other Choice,if teams are at the bottom half of the league are out The Fife,Scottish and Domestic cups early doors it’s either play each other or No Fixture,Still agree that All teams Should be playing Each other at least once and not be having to play the same team twice in the League in the Latter half of the Season.
  9. Knowing the Leven Committee if they are Awarded the League title, it’ll be Excepted,but Not Celebrated like they completed all the Fixtures,in the Position all the League’s are in at this moment I’m sure they would all be the same,the league structures could change and that would save any Relegation Issues,because in my Opinion that would be Harsh.
  10. I’m talking about September/October no anytime soon
  11. In all probability the Amateurs will probably start Before the Spfl games, as the support is Minimal.
  12. They might give you a 50% reduction since you’ve completed most of the season but I think your pushing it for the lot,it’s the Scottish Remember.
  13. Another option,if they decide to Finish the season League wise (forget about all cups this season)even if it take until end of July,start new season end of August/September play all League games Fife and Scottish games and forget Domestic Cups,then the following season it’s back to the norm.
  14. If they call it all off why does there have to be a winner of the League and teams relegated,Null and Void season,everyone start again from scratch in August,the only problem could be the introduction of new teams into the bottom league,depending on how many want to join they could be accommodated easily could they?
  15. How can the League Committee update you they’re probably in the same boat as yourself waiting on information from the Safa, If the Sfa cannae give any details about the Premier League, what chance has the Amateurs got,they’re well down the Pecking order,more important things happening than ammy Fitbaw.
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