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  1. Unsure which team, however training is permitted along as within the latest guidelines
  2. It hasn't been decided yet. Question was asked at AGM however that is one thing that is still to be decided.
  3. Think he is with Lochgelly Utd.
  4. Nothing until we move to the relevant phase I dont suppose.
  5. So no relegation confirmed. Hopefully that now keeps everyone happy, even the null and void brigade!
  6. I guarantee the money grabbers at the SAFA will do absolutely nothing regards fees, in fact I'd be surprised if they don't increase them to bail out their overspending. At least our association have the club's at heart.
  7. It's the guy that posted it, Ryan Anderson.
  8. WTF! Why would anyone turn down a free service designed to enhance the association. Absolute madness. We are miles behind most associatons from the social media perspective.
  9. Every AGM the room are asked if there are any nominations for any of the roles which if there are then they need to be seconded by another club. If you do it this way then you have to be considered with the clubs making the decision.
  10. That would mean you having to stay out the pub on a Friday night so no chance of that!!
  11. Take the role and you can get it done.
  12. Did you put yourself forward for a role?
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