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  1. Fife Thistle 3 v 2 St. Andrews Colts
  2. Good effort Bojank. Keep up the good work.
  3. Fife Thistle A 4 v 0 Fife Thistle B
  4. St. Andrews were looking for a match Lee.
  5. It was sent out last week Pete. Jimmy Mitchell put the policy in an email.
  6. We got ours approved with St. Andrews Uni too. A bit of cut and pasting from the one we submitted to the league did the job. Nothing too complex.
  7. Definitely worth it yes.
  8. Complete crock of shit.
  9. I would presume they would have them ready as are most not now back at work with the council?
  10. Yep seems a strange one especially considering they were good to go team wise. With so many teams around them now they are going to find it tough to come back next season as I'd imagine their existing players will move onto pastures new.
  11. It would appear so.
  12. Unsure which team, however training is permitted along as within the latest guidelines
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