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  1. Berti

    Level 3

    Not at all Neil. My suggestion was as above. No one is forced to play football but there are many clubs and players happy to continue so therefore in my opinion give teams that do not want to play the option to take a break and those that want to play are then able to continue.
  2. Berti

    Level 3

    You must be happy as Larry at football getting stopped Pete. Probably been running around the living room all day with your pants on your head cheering!
  3. Berti

    Level 3

    As I said at last night's meeting, if teams want to take a 4 week break then that's fine but let those clubs that are happy to play continue rather than proposing the whole league is postponed as Pittenweem and Kelty did.
  4. Berti

    Level 3

    They are fu#king clueless. There will be a few clubs happy though judging by last nights meeting.
  5. Unsure this is correct. As far as I'm aware changing rooms are not permitted. There was talk of perhaps being allowed to use a changing room which has a separate door for entrance and exit but unsure if this is correct.
  6. Normally a couple of weeks and yes 1 game.
  7. The forum and league website are run by different people Foss
  8. Seems to be completely inconsistent but then that's fitting with this whole farce. Other teams have been cleared to play after a positive test.
  9. I don't think it matters which team they are registered with as long as they have the necessary certificate and are registered with league
  10. Fife Thistle 4 v 1 Rosebank
  11. Glenrothes 5 v 3 Fife Thistle
  12. I think the Uni has put a stop to extra circular sports just now.
  13. Wow, you are very bitter!
  14. Great to see somewhere we can get all the scores. Well done.
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