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  1. Our sponsors are happy. 7 league games played, 6 of which have been home fixtures! Hopefully saves our pitch over the winter though so not complaining!
  2. Berti


    Fife Thistle 1 v 3 Rosebank.
  3. Happy to pick you up for any of our away games as normally have to go through Frenchie. At home tomoz though.
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  5. Berti


    Burntisland United 4 - 1 Fife Thistle
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  7. Berti

    Text from sfa

    Aye, and they'll be told where to stick it!
  8. Berti

    Text from sfa

    They've obviously got all the results as SAFA just posted them on Facebook.
  9. Berti

    Results Saturday 1st

    KFAFA RESULTS Saturday September 1 Smith & Grant (Solicitors & Estate Agents) Premier Division Cupar Hearts 1 Fossoway 1 RJM Sports Scottish Amateur Cup 1st Round AM Soccer AFC (KoFAFA) 8 Lauriston Thistle AFC (LEAFA) 0 Auchtermuchty Bellvue AFC (KoFAFA) 3 Duloch AFC (KoFAFA) 1 Balerno AFC (LEAFA) 1 Danderhall Miners AFC (LEAFA) 5 Beechwood Albion AFC (S&DAFA) 0 Greenlaw AFC (BAFA) 2 Bo'Ness Cadora AFC (S&DAFA) 6 Tollcross Thistle AFC (LEAFA) 11 Bo'Ness United Community AFC (S&DAFA) 3 Bowhill Rovers AFC (KoFAFA) 8 Bonnyrigg Rose AFC (LEAFA) 3 Cavalry Park SC AFC (LEAFA) 2 Carnwath AFC (LEAFA) 1 Symington Tinto AFC (Cale) 3 Clackmannan Community AFC (S&DAFA) 0 Steins Thistle AFC (CSAFL) 3 Clermiston Vale AFC (LEAFA) 3 Craigshill Thistle AFC (LEAFA) 2 Dysart AFC (KoFAFA) 9 Gala Thistle AFC (BAFA) 1 Edina Hibs AFC (LEAFA) 1 St. Monans Swallows AFC (KoFAFA) 2 Falkirk Community AFC (CSAFL) 1 Valleyfield AFC (KoFAFA) 1 Fife Thistle AFC (KoFAFA) 4 Burntisland United AFC (KoFAFA) 4 Glenrothes AFC (KoFAFA) 0 West Barns Star AFC (LEAFA) 7 Hearts of Beath AFC (KoFAFA) 5 Edinburgh Thistle AFC (LEAFA) 0 Kelty AFC (KoFAFA) 5 AVU AFC (LEAFA) 3 Kennoway AFC (KoFAFA) 4 Edinburgh South AFC (LEAFA) 2 Kennoway Star Hearts AFC (KoFAFA) 0 Alva AFC (S&DAFA) 4 Kingdom Athletic AFC (KoFAFA) 2 Murieston United AFC (LEAFA) 3 Kirkcaldy YMCA AFC (KoFAFA) 3 Pencaitland AFC (LEAFA) 3 Leven United AFC (KoFAFA) 4 Tullibody Community AFC (CSAFL) 0 Lumphinnans United AFC (KoFAFA) 3 East Vale AFC (KoFAFA) 1 Markinch AFC (KoFAFA) 4 Langlee AFC (BAFA) 4 Methilhill Stollers and East Fife AFC (KoFAFA) 1 Cockenzie Star AFC (LEAFA) 1 Mill AFC (LEAFA) 7 Glenrothes Strollers AFC (KoFAFA) 2 Musselburgh Windsor AFC (LEAFA) 0 Kinross Colts AFC (KoFAFA) 5 Pathhead AFC (LEAFA) 3 Balgonie Scotia AFC (KoFAFA) 2 Pennies AFC (S&DAFA) 6 Dollar Glen AFC (S&DAFA) 1 Pittenweem Rovers AFC (KoFAFA) 21 Gilmerton AFC (LEAFA) 0 Polbeth United AFC (LEAFA) 2 Greig Park Rangers AFC (KoFAFA) 7 Ratho Athletic AFC (LEAFA) 4 Riverside AFC (S&DAFA) 3 Rosebank Rangers AFC (KoFAFA) 3 Bank of Scotland Strollers AFC (LEAFA) 3 Salvesen AFC (LEAFA) W/O Leslie Hearts AFC (KoFAFA) SCR Shotts Thistle YMCA AFC (LEAFA) 2 Edinburgh South Vics AFC (LEAFA) 1 Stirling University AFC (Cale) 1 Kinross AFC (KoFAFA) 2 Strathmiglo United AFC (KoFAFA) 6 Falkland AFC (KoFAFA) 1 Westfield Colts AFC (S&DAFA) 2 Dunbar Athletic AFC (LEAFA) 0
  10. Berti

    Results Saturday 1st

    Holy shit!
  11. Berti

    Text from sfa

    Nothing here either.
  12. Berti

    Results Saturday 1st

    Should we get a text from SAFA regards submitting scores? Perhaps the scrounging fu#ks are deliberately not sending them so they can fine clubs £10 to help then balance their books!
  13. Fife Thistle 4-4 Burntisland United
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