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  3. Tayport 3 v 2 Dunbar. Good game to watch but harsh on the visitors who led with 10 to go.
  4. Thats just madness! I know you can never please everyone but surely common sense says you try and spread out fixtures in order to make things fairer for everyone?
  5. League

    Also the Uni will not be starting their fixtures until September meaning a free week for one Championship side so not a lot of time to fix up a friendly.
  6. League

    Hopefully a month in advance rather than week to week.
  7. Game sorted now. Thanks
  8. Our B team are looking for an away friendly on Wedensday 9th August if anyone free. Preferably not against too strong an opponent!
  9. Glenrothes

    I didn't find it offensive as I don't know the guys but you're obviously clued up on what's going on in the Fife Junior scene with some decent informative posts but then spoil it by having digs. Obviously that's your prerogative but let it go and keep up the good work on keeping us up to date with the goings on.
  10. Glenrothes

    I thought you wanted to get the Junior section busy again but it seems to be just all about your bitterness towards a club and a couple of individuals. At least once the primary school summer holidays are over and you are back at school we may get some serious topics.
  11. Results 29/7

    Brechin Vics 4 V 0 Fife Thistle
  12. Just wondered what thoughts were for the likely league winners in each division of the new set up? Premier I would say Leven United Championship I have no idea! First Division got to be Kennoway if they last the season.