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  1. Berti


    Several new teams have applied Iain.
  2. Berti

    Bertie Wooster

    I'm presuming the guy in question is one of those old firm fans with a limited number of brain cells who can't separate religion from football. Was his comment on a personal platform or the club's platform?
  3. Berti

    KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 14

    Also now Markinch v Glenrothes in League Cup
  4. Berti

    Results 7th March

    Fife Thistle 4 v 0 St. Andrews Colts
  5. Berti

    KFAFA RESULTS Saturday February 29

    How hard can it be for the league to separate goals from penalties? Due to the referee shortage we had a Dundee referee today. At least we now know why he didn't have a game in the Midlands league!
  6. Berti

    Scores 29 Feb

    Fife Thistle 4 v 4 St. Andrews University. Uni win on penalties
  7. Berti

    game switch

    Fife Thistle v St Andrews University switched to Uni 3g
  8. The Juniors are the same now with playing each other 3 times. Each team will have as even a mix as possible of home and away games with the 3rd fixture.
  9. Berti

    Games on/off Saturday 22nd

    Ref pulled plug on Lochgelly United v Kennoway just as teams were away to kick off.
  10. Fife Thistle v St Andrews University OFF
  11. Berti

    Games off

    All games off
  12. Berti

    Games off

    Any games on?
  13. Berti

    8th scores

    Fife Thistle 1 v 3 Strathmiglo United
  14. Methilhill Strollers 1 v 2 Fife Thistle