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  1. Berti

    North of tay semi final

    Haha, no idea what that is. Good news though.
  2. Berti

    North of tay semi final

    What was the reasoning behind it?
  3. Berti


    Congratulations to Cupar.
  4. Berti

    North of tay semi final

    I think it's just a case that the DSMFL allow players to be signed after the 31st March unlike the KofFAFA so I don't think they have broken any rules regarding illegible players. I queried the rule last season as our "B" team play in the same league as Fintry as I thought it was a national rule for the signing cut off but I was told the national rule states that you can't release players after the 31st but you can sign unattached players.
  5. Berti

    Fife cup 17th May

    Going to pens with AM winning
  6. Fife Thistle v Valleyfield OFF. Valleyfield unable to field a team.
  7. Berti

    Results 4th May

    St. Monans Swallows 2 v 6 Kinross
  8. Berti

    Results 27th April

    Fife Thistle 2 v 3 Falkland. Fuc*ing referees.
  9. Berti

    Fixtures through Apr 25th

    There were ammended fixtures sent out after these ones were posted.
  10. Berti

    Results 13th April

    Dulloch 3 v 0 Fife Thistle
  11. Berti

    Results 30/3/19

    Falkland 3-3 Fife Thistle Sore one for us. 3-1 up with 2 minutes to go
  12. Berti

    Results 23/3/19

    So why not see out the season? Presume the weren't struggling for players if they are moving to a league with a hell of a traveling.
  13. Berti

    Results 23/3/19

    Have Glenrothes Strollers folded? Just read they were going to EOS? Confused!
  14. Berti

    Results 23/3/19

    Eastvale 2 v 3 Fife Thistle
  15. Who's on and who's off today guys?
  16. Berti

    Games off/on Saturday 16th

    St. Andrews University v Fife Thistle ON
  17. Fife Thistle v St. Andrews University now at the Uni.
  18. Berti

    Results Sat 9th March

    Fife Thistle 4 v 5 Kennoway Star Hearts
  19. Fife Thistle v Kennoway Star Hearts on at present. Further inspection in the morning.
  20. Berti

    Results 2nd March

    Kinross Colts 3 v 3 Fife Thistle
  21. Berti

    Hearts of Beath

    The point regards the cup is a great suggestion. With all the cups being played so early in the season many teams have nowt to play for which means that some players making the effort to be there. Surely it would be sensible to start at least one cup in March. Hope HOB get things sorted. Some great guys there.
  22. Berti

    Results 23/02/2019

    Falkland 3 v 2 Glenrothes
  23. Berti

    Fife Cup 2018-2019

    Ah I see.
  24. Berti

    Fife Cup 2018-2019

    Why did Eastvale withdraw?
  25. Berti

    New Teams

    We never had anyone available for the meeting on Tuesday. Did the 4 new teams all get voted in?