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  1. Berti

    Results 20/10/18

    Dulloch 4 v 5 Fife Thistle. Not pretty from us and down to the bare bones but delighted to take the 3 points
  2. Berti

    Time to unaffiliate from the SAFA?

    The existing UEFA rules could be applied I'm sure but I don't know how it would work regards referees. The way it's going though there will not be many teams left in 10 years and that's a lot to do with how the game is run.
  3. With the ever increasing costs imposed by the SAFA for little or nothing in return is it perhaps a good time to look at moving away from them? Other than not competing in the Scottish Cup would there be any other disadvantages? I think once one association did it others would follow. I for one would jump at the chance to ditch the wallet dippers at Hampden. They offer no reason why we need them and their demands for more money every season is killing off already struggling clubs.
  4. How did everyone get on today?
  5. Berti

    Results 06/10/18

    Glenrothes 0-6 Fife Thistle
  6. Berti


    But you're an East coast team Pete so you can't mess around teams from the West. That's against the SAFA rules as West coast takes priority!
  7. Berti

    Results Sat 29th Sept

    Fife Thistle 5 v 0 Glenrothes Strollers
  8. Berti

    Strathmiglo Utd

    Definitely. Attitudes have changed massively. Guys missing games because it's their girlfriends next door neighbours cats birthday or because they have a paper cut. Certainly a lot tougher but rather than folding why not bring in guys that you can rely on. You might not win things but let's you rebuild. We've done it and recently Cupar had to do it as have many of the longstanding clubs. Just seems like failing to fulfill fixtures is the easy option closely followed by jacking it in.
  9. Berti

    Strathmiglo Utd

    They will do.
  10. Berti

    Strathmiglo Utd

    I agree. Some teams would rather fold than have a season of struggling results wise and trying to rebuild.
  11. Berti

    players releasing themsells

    When it's run by the shambles that is the SAFA then there's little chance. We're just their money tree.
  12. Our sponsors are happy. 7 league games played, 6 of which have been home fixtures! Hopefully saves our pitch over the winter though so not complaining!
  13. Berti


    Fife Thistle 1 v 3 Rosebank.
  14. Happy to pick you up for any of our away games as normally have to go through Frenchie. At home tomoz though.
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