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  1. Berti


    Well said! Couldn't agree more.
  2. Berti

    Results 12/1/19

    Kennoway Star Hearts 3 v 0 Fife Thistle Congratulations to Kennoway on their first win of the season.
  3. Berti

    Results 5/1/19

    Fife Thistle 3 v 2 Kinross Colts
  4. Berti


    Hi Jaz. We've no game tomorrow but planning on taking in a game somewhere. If I'm heading your direction I'll give you a shout. Cheers Colin
  5. Berti


    If ever the scoreline failed to tell a story Baz! Well done today.
  6. Berti

    Scores 1/12

    Fife Thistle 1 v 9 Burntisland United. Rank rotten again.
  7. Berti

    Pitches 01 Dec

    Watch this, that comment will probably come back to bite me in the ass tomorrow when it buckets down!
  8. Berti

    Pitches 01 Dec

    Been ok up this way. Think Pittenweem, Uni and ourselves all going ahead. All the crappy weather goes to the other end of Fife! :O)
  9. Berti

    Pitches 01 Dec

    Fife Thistle v Burntisland United ON. Just need rain to stay away!!
  10. Eastvale 8 v 4 Fife Thistle
  11. Any games fallen foul to the weather?
  12. Berti

    Results 17/11/18

    Fife Thistle 2 v 4 Markinch. We were pish today! Some outstanding finishes for Markinch
  13. St. Andrews Uni 1 v 3 Fife Thistle
  14. Also Wednesday 14th November - Division Two St. Andrews Uni v Fife Thistle 7pm at Uni
  15. Berti

    results 10/11/18

    Valleyfield 10 v 2 Fife Thistle. Well and truly pumped by a rampant Valleyfield who were excellent today
  16. Berti

    Results 3rd Nov

    Fife Thistle 3 v 2 Glenrothes. As per last week we conceded a couple of late goals to take the shine off!
  17. Berti

    Results 27/10/18

    Some hammering for Eastvale by the Uni.
  18. Berti

    Results 27/10/18

    Kinross Colts 2 v 4 Fife Thistle. Late double from Kinross took the shine off a little.
  19. Berti

    Results 20/10/18

    Dulloch 4 v 5 Fife Thistle. Not pretty from us and down to the bare bones but delighted to take the 3 points
  20. With the ever increasing costs imposed by the SAFA for little or nothing in return is it perhaps a good time to look at moving away from them? Other than not competing in the Scottish Cup would there be any other disadvantages? I think once one association did it others would follow. I for one would jump at the chance to ditch the wallet dippers at Hampden. They offer no reason why we need them and their demands for more money every season is killing off already struggling clubs.
  21. Berti

    Time to unaffiliate from the SAFA?

    The existing UEFA rules could be applied I'm sure but I don't know how it would work regards referees. The way it's going though there will not be many teams left in 10 years and that's a lot to do with how the game is run.
  22. How did everyone get on today?