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  1. RESULTS 23rd

    Kelty Hearts 2 v 0 Fife Thistle
  2. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday February 24

    Kelty Hearts v Fife Thistle switched to Cowdenbeath High School 3G
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  5. manager

    Bad choice but I will still be there cheering us on.
  6. Results 17/02/18

    Fife Thistle 1 v 1 Kinross
  7. League Cups

    Only the Championship and 1st division sides are in the group format which is a good idea. Premier sides have 4 extra league games over the Championship and 6 over the 1st division.
  8. League Cups

    Think it makes sense. Even with 7 games your season could be over by the end of March. That's a long time for players to be idle and finding something else to do on their Saturdays!
  9. Fife select team

    Just noticed that on the KofFAFA website.
  10. Fife select team

    I'm pretty sure the 1st game is against the Dundee Saturday Morning league select. There have been a couple of training sessions so far. The league website has info on it all.
  11. Results 3/2

    Burntisland United 3 v 2 Fife Thistle

    It was agreed that the KofAFA would vote to keep fees as is. The SAFA do have £240,000 sitting in Bonds and it was asked for clalification as to when these can be accessed without penalty. Their biggest outlay is salary payments which are £100,000 for the secretary, social media guy and a part time employee.
  13. Anyone had fixtures for next week yet?

    They have just been emailed.

    Pretty easily done. For example would the current KofFAFA be any different if there was no SAFA? Other than having to access to the players database for registration they do nothing else to support the game. One of the biggest problems with the SAFA is that they think the club's are there to serve them rather than the other way around.
  15. Leslie Hearts 5 v 1 Fife Thistle. We were pish

    I think he's quite right Ceejay. What do we get from the SAFA?

    Can we not just tell the SAFA to shove their demands for the club's to bail them out and save us all having to give up our Tuesday night. If there was no SAFA would it really impact clubs? If we have to commit to their demands then it'll likely be the end of my club and I'm sure others too which will limit their income further.
  18. Proposals from the SAFA

    Because they are making a loss due to reduction in sponsorship apparently and all the club's are loaded so we need to bail them out!
  19. Proposals from the SAFA

    For us (Fife Thistle) it would mean a 55% increase in SAFA fees which is unacceptable. It's up to the SAFA to cut their cloth accordingly and not for already struggling clubs to bale them out.
  20. Games OFF

    Leslie Hearts v Fife Thistle off
  21. Another team gone

    I believe that another long established club has decided to call it a day following on from Lomond Vics a couple of weeks ago. Unsure how many that is this season but it is getting tougher and tougher to keep clubs going with the escalating costs and the declining commitment from players which proves just how out of touch the SAFA are with their increasingly rising costs.
  22. Another team gone

    I do not think it is official yet so I will hold my weesht on that until the league have been informed. We (Fife Thistle) seem to do well players wise but getting people in to help run the club is impossible. Next year is our 25th season and a good chance it may be our last. Just such different mentality across the board at all levels now in comparison to how it used to be. Fu#k I sound like an old man!!
  23. Results

    Cheers John. Still missing our grade A wa nker though!!! :o)
  24. Results

    Fife Thistle 3 v 2 Methilhill Strollers
  25. Results

    St. Monans Swallows 2 v 1 Fife Thistle