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  1. Berti

    Tues 14th result

    Fife Thistle 4 v 2 Kennoway Star Hearts
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  3. Smith & Grant (Solicitors & Estate Agents) Premier Division Bowhill Rovers 2 Pittenweem Rovers 2 Kirkcaldy YMCA 1 Lumphinnans United 1 Hearts of Beath 0 Auchtermuchty Bellvue 0 Greig Park Rangers 1 AM Soccer 5 Leven United 3 Fossoway 2 Cupar Hearts 3 Burntisland United 0 Strathmiglo United 0 Kingdom Athletic 0 Glendale Plastics Championship Kennoway 2 Glenrothes Strollers 1 Balgonie Scotia 7 Dysart 0 Kinross 8 St Monans Swallows 2 Methilhill Strollers & East Fife 1 Rosyth 3 Kelty 5 Leslie 1 Division 1 Duloch 4 Kennoway Star Hearts 1 Glenrothes 1 Eastvale 11 Fife Thistle 3 Valleyfield 7 Kinross Colts 1 Falkland 2
  4. Berti

    Results Sat 11th Aug

    Fife Thistle 3 v 6 Valleyfield. Classy looking side Valleyfield. We conceded 3 goals in the first 5 minutes of the second half and it was game over after an even first half.
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  7. Berti


    Surprised we haven't had them yet. As you say, guys need to know for shifts etc.
  8. Berti

    Friendly 21st

    I don't mate but you'll get them through their Facebook page. It's Linlithgow Rose Community AFC.
  9. Berti

    Friendly 21st

    Linlithgow Rose amateurs are looking for a fixture.
  10. Berti

    New Season Fixtures

    Yep. 14-10-10. Presume if Valleyfield in then 11 in 1st.
  11. Berti

    New clubs

  12. Berti


    All the best for the new season. Good to see you guys back.
  13. Berti

    world cup 2018

    This World Cup is full of cheats. Slightest challenge and they are down like they've been mortally wounded!
  14. Berti

    New season set up

    14-10-10 set up for next season with 1st Division and Championship sides playing each other 3 times.
  15. It was in Tuesday but teams can still be accepted.
  16. Berti

    F.C. Bayside

    They have. They've bumped up all the fees which will help kill off more clubs and therefore reduce fixture congestion caused by a bad winter.
  17. Berti

    F.C. Bayside

    Looking like reverting to two leagues may be necessary.
  18. Berti


    It is a playoff if teams tied on points.
  19. Fife Thistle 2 v 4 Kirkcaldy YM All the best to YM for their last 3 games. Cracking side.
  20. Glenrothes Strollers 5 v 5 Fife Thistle Down to the bare bones and let down my a no show so happy with the draw
  21. Berti

    Results Saturday 5th

    That used to be the case but apparently teams in the West were setting up affiliations with teams to use this to their advantage so the SAFA changed the rules so you could only play for one side on any matchday meaning even if both sides have a game on the same day it only counts as one game off the suspension.
  22. Berti

    Results Saturday 5th

    Like us they are giving more guys an opportunity to play football by running a 2nd team. The players are signed with one club and can play for either side which allows players to progress from the 2nd team to the 1st or the other way for guys that have been getting limited game time. Perhaps in Fife there is a bit or narrow mindedness to it but all across Scotland there are associations who have an alliance league for clubs reserves with the exact same scenario of players moving back and forwards. The Midlands League just across the water in Dundee is one of them and has a very succesful alliance league. Unfortunately there are a few dinosaurs especially on here who are only full of their own self interest and would rather decry clubs who are making the efforts to expand and create opportunities for players than try and follow the same pathway at their clubs.
  23. The Scots DG Army side are looking for an away friendly next week prior to their tournament in Toronto. If any sides are interested drop me a message. Cheers
  24. The Scots DG Army side are looking for an away friendly prior to their tournament in Toronto if any sides are looking for a fixture. Just drop me a message if interested. Cheers