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  1. Results Tuesday 24th

    Markinch 7 Falkland 4
  2. Results Saturday 21st

    Markinch 7 Kennoway united 2
  3. Results Thursday 19th

    Correct, Strath were the far better side
  4. Fife Cup Semi

    Read on Facebook they thought the pitch was playable the ref didn't agree cracking day today surely it goes ahead ?
  5. Games off thursday

    Just past doesn't look like it's on
  6. Anyone had their fixtures yet?

    Seen teams posting on Facebook so they must be out im talking shite this is for midweeks starting 3rd April Now also posting up this coming saturdays so I was right they must be out
  7. Fri 16th suspensions.

    right so after all that if your suspended your suspended and not free to play !
  8. Fri 16th suspensions.

    Even boys who had the letters hand delivered ?
  9. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday February 17

    Big game in division 1 this week going by both teams should be a cracker
  10. Results 3/2

    Probably could of been given the state of the pitch wont see many more games there for a long time
  11. Results 3/2

    Rosebank 2 Markinch 1
  12. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday February 3

    Anyone from Rosebank on the forum ?
  13. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday February 3

    There would need to be some sort of contact mate as I'm aware we have contacted them and not had any response
  14. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday February 3

    How can what not happen mate ?
  15. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday February 3

    Or maybe the fixtures are set so they play away until such time the pitch is playable