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  1. Kinch2


    He must of missed the set piece drills.....
  2. Kinch2


    Think they have just been sent out
  3. Kinch2


    Wasn’t CF by any chance ?
  4. Kinch2

    Results 28th Aug

    Eastvale 6 Markinch 3 Ref needs to have s serious word with himself complete shite bag
  5. Kinch2


    Markinch 3 Duloch 2
  6. Kinch2

    Result 21st

    Markinch 3 fife thistle 5
  7. Kinch2


    Markinch 4 Falkland 1 Also thanks to John McCombie who came along to referee the game when the original ref didn’t bother turning up
  8. Kinch2

    Tues 14th result

    Kinross 2 Markinch 1
  9. Kinch2

    Full results Saturday 11th August

    Is that Eastvale result correct ?
  10. Kinch2

    Any Friendlies 07/08

    Any friendlies being played tonight ? (Tuesday)
  11. Kinch2

    New clubs

    think they would be too late for this season
  12. Kinch2

    New season set up

    11th of August
  13. Kinch2

    F.C. Bayside

    I don’t believe so, they are looking for a new manager
  14. Anyone know the cut off date for new teams joining the league for the coming season ?
  15. Kinch2

    Results Saturday 28th

    Kennoway Ams 2 Markinch 3