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  1. Looking for opponents wed night . Pitch booked
  2. razor9


    Bad news for tierney as well hope he makes a speedy recovery .. Neither injuries today bad tackles , gutting for both players
  3. razor9


    Paul o Sullivan ( crown ) will get operated on tomorrow , double break and dislocation of the ankle .. Devastated for him
  4. razor9


    Normally a good scran back at mcphails , was same when Sharon had tams... probably have been a mistake pocket bud
  5. razor9

    Games Off Wednesday 13Th April

    Any news on Windsor v crown ?
  6. razor9

    Fife Player In Safa Squad

    Scott methven (lb leven) and Fraser moncrieff (st gpr) have both been involved in Scotland set-up this season ., sure Jordan Austin was as well before he signed for East Fife
  7. razor9

    Leven United

    Good luck to leven tonight in the Scottish cup semi's 🎉⚽️🏆
  8. razor9

    Results Saturday 27Th

    Denbeath vs civil abandoned
  9. razor9

    Game Off

    Denbeath - rosyth off
  10. razor9

    Results 24Th January 2016

    Hahah ripped a new arsehole so he wants to smash me😂😂😂 typical Andy Reilly slept with a fitbaw player
  11. razor9

    Results 24Th January 2016

    Lol would have took it from u as u have a hint of footballing ability , that plonker will forever live in the shadows of rikki and ferrier #benchboy
  12. razor9

    Results 24Th January 2016

    Lol why would that reply be to u john ?
  13. razor9

    Results 24Th January 2016

    Andy Reilly calling somebody ugly ?? Really ? 😂😂
  14. razor9

    Results 24Th January 2016

    Ur needing to come down a stone or 2 ya fat rocket
  15. razor9

    Scores 21/11/2015

    Watched leven-bowhill game as neutral and would agree with corrie , ref was brutal ! Surely for the big games you get the best referees .. He awarded Leven a goal when ball out , booked corrie for a nothing tackle ( dive from Ryan ) , then should have Sent bowhill 5 off when he nailed jj ( 2nd booking ) , didn't see the red card so can't comment on that