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  1. Kirkcaldy ymca afc require friendlies on the above dates.home or away.if interested drop me a wee message.cheers.
  2. Ym 3 kinross colts 2
  3. Glenrothes afc 1-kdy ym 3
  4. Just find this bonkers as these teams use the same training facilities and follow the same protocol as the bulk of amateur teams.
  5. Am I right in saying east of scotland fife based teams arent affected by fife going into stage 3 today???
  6. I take it the university teams have been giving the go ahead to start playing games??
  7. Kirkcaldy albion or kirkcaldy blues weren't at home anyway mate.
  8. Thanks mate... But can you imagine the uproar if we had just went ahead and played on Saturday.lololol
  9. I have the email confirming this aswell Pete that has been sent to the league.
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