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  1. Don't see the issue. Game gets played an hour later than normal. If guys are afraid of what their missus says then they're needing to grow a set of baws
  2. Deleted one of my posts. No explanation. Magical stuff. Jimmy I thought you were meant to get a message of reasoning for posts being deleted or is it subjectacle when it comes to criticism of a referee/committee member
  3. Fractures to eye socket. Self employed. Two kids and wife to provide for. Couple of hard men punching a boy from behind and volleying him in the face when he was on the ground. Cowards
  4. Get a good read before the mafia take my post down. Referee defended and justified assault stating the player on receiving end instigated it
  5. What an advert for your league when a player is assaulted to the point he needs hospital treatment and gets sent off
  6. Kept core of their players and signed a lot of good players this season some of which won the league and Fife Cup with us a few years back. Kyle's done a great job with them
  7. The pub league is run much better than this
  8. £80 for 2 hour slot at Rosyth Fleet Grounds
  9. mgm


    Big Ecks won a watch here after a disastrous managerial career after leaving Birmingham. BUT with the pool of talent he will have at his disposal he should be able to get us to the EURO's in 2020. Lad McTominay at Manchester United should be coming into his next squad
  10. Much you wanting ££££££££££££££
  11. mgm


    There was one incident when everyone came together after the young lad was kicked when he was on the ground. He was mouthing off at me during the match and getting involved with the vast majority of guys at side. Agreed it wasn’t a pen but Rosyth were denied a stonewall pen just before it so evened itself out. Both teams conceded poor goals. It was a decent game on a shite park
  12. mgm


    Didn’t see anyone celebrating at the end. Ref was poor for both sides. 2 reds were well deserved. Craig Craigie bumping his gums at sidelines for the whole game was embarrassing. Let his teammates down. Decent match to watch
  13. I fancy us to beat anyone at Hampden mate. Guaranteed to be a sell out as well
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