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  1. mgm

    Fixtures 8/10/16

    Unbelievable. Postman Pat doesn't deliver a letter so it's no Levens fault. Couldn't make this up min. This league and committee have shown it for what it is. A complete joke of an association run by incompetent office bearers who have no regard for the constitution or any other club in the association. Laughable. Wonder what the scenario would have been had the player played for Falkland or Glenrothes? Same treatment? I highly doubt it. Leven being well looked after here.
  2. mgm

    Fixtures 8/10/16

    Well the disciplinary secretary is on here pointing fingers at Club Secretaries not doing their job correctly. The boys name's on the suspension list and she has already said he is the only player by that name in the league so surely the Leven Sec should have known. I'm not asking for anybody to be suspended. I'm merely pointing out what I've seen happen to players and secretaries in other associations. Everyone plays by the same rule book
  3. mgm

    Fixtures 8/10/16

    The registration secretary or whoever in this association who gets the team lines from the referees "should" be double checking them as part of their role on the committee. All very well to pass the buck onto the clubs secretaries but the Kingdom League committee have a level of responsibility in this as well. Gareth Jack played whilst knowingly suspended. 1 year ban Paul Laurie played whilst suspended. 1 year ban Liam Ivory played for another club whilst signed with another. 1 year ban Rules from the SAFA are crystal clear in this situation. If the player in question has played in 2 games during his 4 match suspension then Leven should be deducted the points from the games they played in against Bowhill and Glenrothes. Those teams are not awarded the points as they did not protest. The player is then looking at a years suspension along with the secretary at Leven for knowingly playing a suspended player. If the Kingdom League committee gave Leven the all clear to play the player then I really hope they have it in writing.
  4. mgm

    Fixtures 8/10/16

    FFS the Sunday "Pub" League has a suspension list on there website http://www.freewebs.com/fifesundayamateurfootballleague/suspensionsnewsupdates.htm
  5. mgm

    Results 8Th Oct.

  6. mgm

    Fixtures 8/10/16

    No the first time you didn't 😂
  7. mgm

    Fixtures 8/10/16

    Pocket will tell you what happens when you play whilst suspended
  8. mgm

    Results 9Th Oct

    Signed 4/5 players that'll improve their squad Andy. Boys still to come back as well. Fully expect to see them challenging again
  9. mgm

    Fixtures 8/10/16

    doesn't matter if clubs protest the game. If the club in question played a protest in any match then they lose the points if found out. Find it absolutely laughable that a committee member is coming on here to say anything different. Also I'm not sure what happens elsewhere but I know for a fact Wattie Moodie checked every team sheet that came through his door as registration secretary to make sure clubs weren't playing suspended players or playing players signed elsewhere. Part of the job description. This association cannae run a bath min
  10. mgm

    Results 8Th Oct.

    We were poor 1st half , would say Burntisland were by far better team , 2nd half different story we pressed & gave them no time in the ball & created a few chances . Mark banging them in for fun now Harry 👍🏼
  11. mgm


    I'm bound by no rules. This whole situation stinks. Kingdom league used to pride themselves on the quality of the clubs and the way the association was run. What's happened now is nothing short of laughable and something I expected from a Welfare Sunday League association run by officials who were only in it for personal gain. Fife Sunday Amateurs are run in a far better fashion than this laughing stock
  12. If it was newly laid then why wasn't it protected and fenced off? I seen what the local councilor posted on Facebook and he is a grade A d1ckhead to lay the blame on the clubs.
  13. mgm

    Scottish Draw

    Maltings vs The Craft or Glasgow Rangers
  14. mgm

    Scottish Replays

    Has been for past 3 seasons
  15. mgm

    25Th Results

    Struggling for a team today Spooky? Shocker that result
  16. mgm

    25Th Results

    Shouldn't be anywhere near refereeing games in the Premier
  17. mgm

    Results 24Th Sept

    Surely to fcuk teams know fine well the majority of teams have boozers to attend afterwards. Why should you need invited back afterwards to attend? Piss poor excuse IMO
  18. mgm

    Fixtures 10/9/16

    So the proposal was put forward by YLUM but no other club would back the proposal? Madness looking at the state of the Kingdom league now. Amalgamation must be what everyone wants now like everyone says for the better of Fife Ammie football. There's some cracking sides in the Kingdom but with no league structure and teams folding I would say that the Fife Sunday League looks a better prospect to join than the Kingdom league at the moment.
  19. mgm

    Fife Amateur Cup 1St,2Nd Round Draws

    No re-draw for this competition then
  20. mgm

    Scores 11Th

    Lauders 3-1 Minto
  21. mgm

    Games Today

    Maybe better not mentioning a 30 min half. Look what happened last season with GPR v Rosyth in the Fife and that was a 42 minute second half. Aye and the ref made a c#nt of it hence why it was replayed. Did both teams agree to 35 minutes a half?
  22. mgm


    Leven United vs GPR will be a decent tie
  23. mgm

    4Th Results

    Be lucky to see the baw as well
  24. mgm

    4Th Results

    Surely it would suit more teams than less playing at 1pm , surely it would give teams a better chance of having enough players & sober . Certainly might have helped Rosyth's cause
  25. mgm

    4Th Results

    The question was asked why it's at 1, not asking for it to be changed. Because it suits them. Just like 11am suits Minto Lounge for their home games