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    Who Will Be Crowned Champs?

    man utd all the way!!!! they are in unbelievable form the now and cant see anybody beating them!!!! as long as we keep our 4 strikers!!! i also cant see why they cant challenge for the european cup as well!!!!!
  2. i'm still puzzled by the direct and indirect free kick rule hoohoot can you explain that 1 as well for me!!!!
  3. mgm


    watched the harlem vs patons game on sat very poor game and didnt think patons were the same side they used to be!!!! would be very disappointed if we cant get a result on sat!!! as for the ref (cant mind his name) had a mare!!!! some of the challenges that went in were shocking and he wasnt interested in booking anybody unless it was for dissent!!!!! he's 1 of the reasons refs dont get the respect of the players on the park.
  4. mgm


    totally agree with you!!!! just typical of our performances this season we always seem to go 3-0 up and can't hold onto a lead!!! second half we were non existant!!!! still dont understand the ref giving a free kick for 1 of our players running into the box before the penalty was taken!!! am i not right in saying it should have been re-taken or has the rule changed??? good luck to wee jimmies for the rest of the season!!!! its gonna be interesting