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  1. mgm

    4Th Results

    When we started in this association it was split morning and afternoon KO. Don't understand what everyone's agenda is. Castle have told committee they're KO at home are 1pm and they wouldn't be changing. Nothing in constitution states all KO should be 11am. If ye canny make 1pm KO then that's your problem nobody elses
  2. mgm

    Kingdom League Player Of Year???

    Kieran simple answer is no. You can't manage them, be in changing rooms or even stand on the touchline and watch the game if you're banned.
  3. mgm


    Poor shout Andy. Cracking bunch of boys at Brucefield. Pete and Jock put a lot of time and effort into giving the boys everything they need. Few players have left but no doubt they'll bring more in. Heard a few of the Rosyth boys are heading there as well which will strengthen their squad. Nobody wants to see any team fold
  4. Torleys vs Raploch Hearts Corstorphine Dynamo vs Styx AFC Grangemouth United vs Dunfermline United Bo'ness AFC vs Lochore Castle Longstone United vs Templehall Tavern McPhails vs Meadowbank Eddys Bar vs Lauders Craigshill Thistle vs Crown Inn Limekilns vs Royal Penicuik Club Livingston vs Brucefield Minto Lounge vs Partizan Carron Valley vs Crystal Barcelona Kennoway vs Livingson Community Polton Inn vs Coadys Maltings vs Windsor United Roseburn Thistle vs Novar Rovers Salters Athletic vs Athletico Central Burnside Athletic vs Jokers
  5. mgm

    Kingdom League Player Of Year???

    All to do with the a comment made towards a referee after the Lochore Brig game last season. Ref claims he was threatened.
  6. mgm


    Quinny you seen the state of the pitches after the last two events they've allowed down their in recent weeks. Pitch is fcuked
  7. mgm


    They were struggling for numbers during the season. No doubt a lot of them will end up at Kennoway
  8. mgm


    Lee Richardson off to Dundonald as assistant to Stevie Kay. Kevin Smith and Barry Cockburn new managers at Rosyth
  9. Tweeted that Andy Healy is the new manager
  10. mgm


    Hahaha f**k off shaun 😂🎣! Hadn't played with Brucefield since November due to work commitments and spending time with the Wee man, nothing to with my missus 👍🏻! Yes you are correct though I've signed with Minto ⚽️ Robyn wears the trousers in your relationship bud 😂
  11. mgm


    Wee Brian Haldanes birds let him sign wi Minto Lounge
  12. mgm


    The pub league wouldn't have an 11/10/9 league structure. FACT
  13. mgm

    League Formation 2016/2017

    So who agreed to this ridiculous setup then?
  14. mgm

    League Formation 2016/2017

    I can't quite believe that this league structure was approved. It's an absolute farce. A 9 team league. FFS. More league games less cup competitions. That should have been the way forward
  15. mgm

    Landers V Brig

    Congratulations lads
  16. mgm

    League Formation 2016/2017

    9 team league. Embarrassing
  17. mgm

    League Fees

    Surely 12 and 14 would have made more sense no?
  18. mgm

    Result 15Th June 2016

    Squeaky bum time
  19. mgm

    Shambolic End To A Season

    Not healthy
  20. mgm

    Premier Champions

    So it all comes down to greedy bassas at the top table of the FAFA then
  21. mgm

    Premier Champions

    I agree Short term pain for long term gain. After 2/3 seasons everything will even itself out.
  22. mgm

    New Sunday Team

    Jaz will have a field day here
  23. mgm

    Scores 01/06/16

    Try no make a cvnt of yourself when you're trying to make a cvnt of other people Jizz
  24. mgm

    Scores 01/06/16

    Brig Minto and Brucefield can all finish on 63 points if Brig lose 2 of their last 6 games.
  25. mgm

    Scores 01/06/16

    Yes it's not easy being a referee but there are referees who can handle the situation and pressure and manage it and then there are referees who lose the plot and start dishing out cards on a power trip and make the game about themselves.