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  1. boylan the cupar hearts manager next year thats a belter!!!
  2. glenrothes 4-5 muchty 5-0 up with 20 to go
  3. mikey


    what a lot of shite,the more the merrier me amateur fitbaws fucked if folk want less teams deary me man
  4. mikey


    so correct me if im wrong two teams from the bottom league are buzzing about comepeting in the top league yet 4 teams from the championship one thats just won the north of tay cup and another that got to the semis of the fife have shat the bed makes no sense to me man lets just get this sorted a wanna ken who were up against first game of the season its takin the piss now!
  5. muchty 0-2 pittenweem even game ruined by the worst refereein performance ive ever seen weem benefiting from it more then us but thats fitbaw never heard of a player being booked to calm him down,until today!absolout nonsense!!
  6. fife cup quarters bowhill 1-2 muchty bellvue booooooom
  7. Bowhill 5-0 muchty Looks like a doin but i think the score flatters bowhill
  8. mikey


    Kirkcaldy ym 1-2 muchty
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