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  1. coisty

    Scores 26/8/17

    Kennoway amateurs 8 markinch 1
  2. coisty

    Friendly Tues 15th August

    Went to saturday this year instead of sunday
  3. coisty

    Friendly Tues 15th August

    When was the last one to fold?? Last amateur team in kennoway I remember progressed to Junior. Sound a little bitter there jaz....
  4. coisty

    Friendly Tues 15th August

    Why would we fold. Don't understand where that's come from mate. Do you know something that we don't lol
  5. coisty


  6. coisty

    Games Still On

    Kennoway 5 coadys 2
  7. coisty

    Results 22/2/15

    Kennoway 2 smugglers 3
  8. Kennoway playing at cotlands park this year
  9. coisty

    25Th Of May Results

    Kennoway 6 smugglers inn 0 in a friendly. Well done to Bomber and the boys at Bayview, fantastic first season
  10. coisty

    Scottish Cup Final

    At least we got beat from the champions then lol
  11. coisty

    Results 9Th April

    legion rovers 2 kennoway 2
  12. coisty

    Pars Fans.

    You must be easily amused :rollsmile: :rollsmile: It gets at them. Here was me thinking your supposed to be impartial too. :whistling: Your right bud, you're really getting to me
  13. coisty

    Pars Fans.

    You must be easily amused
  14. coisty


    Kennoway 3 Novar Rovers 2 Tough game in the wind but thought we deserved it. missed a few good chances in second half.
  15. coisty

    Fife Amateur Cup Semi-Final Draw

    Kelty is a decent venue for any final. They have a great set up