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  1. Thanks for everyone that helped with the situation today. Not nice to see any player getting a bad injury. I need to make it 100% clear that the Kinross boy that made the tackle never went out to hurt anybody. Our player has a double leg break which will require surgery. Just wish the ref had more compassion about the situation. Disappointed is an absolute understatement.
  2. GPR are proud to be a part of this great gesture for a great guy.
  3. Everybody at GPR would like to pass on our sincere condolences to all at Leven Utd and Charlie’s family at this incredibly hard time. A nicer guy you would never meet. RIP Charlie ⚽️
  4. We’ve not had one Saturday fixture cast this season lol.
  5. gpr

    Game off

    16 players today, park lined yesterday and pies in the oven. Park took a battering last week and last nights rain gave us a decision to make. Sorry if it has upset anybody.
  6. GPR are looking for a friendly on Saturday 12th August lads
  7. Did Aberdour play a weakened side at Bowhill on Saturday? Well done Bowhill. You certainly did it the hard way.
  8. gpr

    Latest 25/03

    Brilliant result Bowhill ⚽👍
  9. Aw the best to Bowhill.
  10. Well done Bowhill. Great result
  11. Aw the best to Bowhill in your Scottish cup tie lads. From all at GPR ⚽👍
  12. Lots of really positive ideas on this thread guys. No wanting to put a spanner in the works but we would need to genuinely have committed committee members who would want to work for a new amalgamated league committee and put aside all this " Ma league is better than yours" shite. Is anyone brave nough to say Aye I will work for the new committee. The guys on both committees at the moment do a great and thankless job so in no way do I intend to offend anyone. 👍
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