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  1. You could help him Andy. Put your big gub to actual use and help promote Fife football by offering your help!
  2. I've no got the time anymore Pete. I was interested in helping one get set up beginning of last season and I believe only mariner was willing to go on board. I put it out at a FAFA league meeting. I was asked various questions about Insurance, facilities, who would cover costs etc and openly answered these. I did have a sponsor who was willing to stump up the cost in return for decent advertising at the games and was keen. It was voted on a couple of meetings later when I was working and thrown out. I agree with white wizard, it wouldn't have been hard to organize. The summer before Big spearsy and myself arranged a charity game for meningitis with a select from the Sunday league against Fife police, we had boys from all over Fife willing to come and play and we won the game 3-2 and we had a good side with some great banter. The Glens opened the pie hut and prepared the stadium for us for nothing and helped with raffles. People donated some very good prizes. The only disappointment was the council wouldn't give us the park for nothing.
  3. I asked about a select only last year and it never even got off the ground in th FAFA. I knew most of the other guys running other scottish selects so games would have been easy to arrange and I even had a sponsor who would cover every cost inc transport, meals , strips etc. Apparently the clubs all voted and showed no interest as i wasnt at meeting vote was held. Sponsor has now invested heavily in some other sport
  4. No been on for a while and just reading through this. If they were my team i'd be more concerned about a player getting hurt just before christmas for a game we'd already won/lost.
  5. Aye they have i heard. Lack of numbers
  6. Correct mate. A decent run in scottish with 3 or 4 away ties can almost sink a club.
  7. Crossgates secretary actually told me that although they are a semi professional club they are very much fun as an amateur football team. I agree that maybe re-evaluating where they play their football should be looked at Every kingdom team and FAFA prem teams would beat them. Glenrothes ams rapped 4 past them last week.
  8. Aye it is courteous to drop you a bell mate, a lot do but you'll find that some of the ones shopping in same shop for players don't
  9. They dont have any cash mate. Mgm i heard your boy scored for them too?
  10. Heard Pittenweem lost 4-1
  11. Cockshaugh park hepburn gardens KY16 9DA
  12. mav


    Don't Know the other boy but Ross was always a handful, tough up top and at the back. Hat off to them for loyalty and have a great day Pete neebs
  13. Watch for the needles on the ground then Baz,
  14. The reason this all came about was the amateur sides in Glasgow were struggling for players badly and approached their association who in turn approached the safa. We were told this at a youth meeting in aug.
  15. Tbh i'm no following ams fitbaw atall now. Few boys on ma facebook play wi that pennies thats how a know whos there. Be a hard game
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