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  1. the draw affecting fife clubs the best i can remember of it. balgonie v boness utd comunity sandys v burntisland utd auchtermuchty v armadale ath afc kincardine v dunblane soccer club kennoway v musselburgh windsor kelso th v newburgh newcraighall leith vics v markinch leith ath v lumphinnans ratho ath v cupar hearts kinross v kirkcaldy ym leslie hearts v leven utd bowhill v lochgelly utd bridge of earn v balerno strathmiglo v callendar gpr v westfield colts saughton sounders v benarty astros dalkieth th v fife ath fife star v stiens th st andrews colts v edinburgh utd vale stenhousemuir or fife th v edinburgh harp or fallin
  2. there is no replays in scottish cup this season 90 mins and str8 to pens
  3. auchtermuchty bellvue looking for friendly at home on sat 7th august 2pm ko. park ready and ref booked .contact jimmy leitch on 07932380040 if interested
  4. probably not get fixtures until confirmed we can play after 17th,
  5. such sad news thoughts go to his family and all at roysth ams, from all at auchtermuchty bellvue afc.
  6. correct it is disgraceful 3 guys in same workplace 2 can play football 1cant and only because they play at so called higher level , but train on next park to each other 1 lot contact the other not. whats the difference. at these times all football should be stopped even at the top level, what message does it send out seeing man city players cuddle each other after a game or celtic sitting drinking in dubai and we cant go out for a walk with more than one other pal.
  7. pittenweem v muchty now off as above . fixture now cupar hearts v muchty. asked fixture sec how many players had to be stopped from traveling before team could get game off or what happens if teams dont want to play during new restrictions.told how big is your squad and where players travelling from, squad could have 25 boys but might only be 14 available on a saturday because of work illness etc and then 4 cant travel , so no real answer. if clubs dont want to play will be deemed to have taking year out and would start in bottom league next season was answer to my other question. thoughts guys
  8. auchtermuvhty v pittenweem now at pittenweem
  9. punnishing the teams that dont make them money
  10. good one ceejay your source is about as good as you are. muchty start training this saturday at 10.30am your welcome to come along to check that we will be following safa guidelines. your source may have seen training activity down low road park but we have one new signing been training on his own as furloughed from work, also local lads who are signed with east of scotland side kennoway star and one from kelty hearts as its a public park. muchty boys take there football seriously and want to do there best for whichever team they play for. ps boyz was also training but has been banned from low road park because he signed for cupar now has to train in his back garden.
  11. my guess and its only a guess it would be newburgh as heard a concerned resident and referee saying that they were training with no restrictions but could be wrong
  12. I am wondering why we as clubs being asked to vote on this. there is a proposal on the table for discussion at the agm from lumphinnans and seconded by auchtermuchty bellvue to restructure the leagues. this was put in before all the discussion started about finishing the leagues. the proposal was for leagues of premiership 14 teams championship 12 teams and first division at that time looked like 13 depending on how many new teams. the proposal said no teams would get relegated this season 19/20 as we didn't think the season would not be completed but the teams at the top end of leagues would have the chance to be promoted if they so wished to make the leagues up to required numbers, remembering that at the last agm teams didn't want to be promoted. does this vote we are being asked to consider stop this proposal that has been made and follows the constitution .I think being asked to vote on such matters that are really important by email without proper information is not right, I know we are in troubled times but somethings need to be made clearer. what if some clubs like 3 of the options but not all 5 as has been said already . I think clubs need more info , only my opinion but open for discussion
  13. every club has the right to vote for whichever option they choose all will have different views and opinions whether to benefit there on club or for what they think best for the league. at the AGM all clubs then have the chance to construct the leagues for next season. there is a proposal for the structure of the leagues on the table which was sent in before this vote was even thought about. now the constitution will always be a big problem in this but surely the way forward is for the clubs and committee to realise that the constitution doesn't cover this pandemic and for the best for fife football all clubs should then be able to construct the leagues for when ever we start up again using common sense and whatever information that we have.
  14. if I thought that was possible would be all for it but with the ammie football is do you think say in October if we can play football all teams will have same players or still be a club. AM have already said they amalgamating with cupar so where would that leave the premier league. players can sign for other clubs after 15th may so don't think it poss to play on. null and void now been added as option to vote on so will see what happens.
  15. auchtermuchty m8 so doesn't matter what option to my club will still be in same league but cant win or relegate clubs when season not complete you got to see that surely. as a player who has played as long as you I hope you are only trying to wind people up and don't believe you should be champions.
  16. accept I bet you would maybe top of the league but trophies giving out when season complete. you still had to play bowhill twice gpr away and am away so not certain to win league but if you happy with that well done get the open top bus out and tour the prom on your own ,now grow up and go back to lockdown.
  17. sorry to hear this sad news thoughts go to his family and all at leven utd
  18. cannot believe null and void not an option, its amateur football not life or death. most clubs that have replied so far all want null and void, in my opinion this vote should not take place until we are told why null and void not an option. I can surmise the answer will be because we got to follow the constitution that says 2 clubs must be relegated and 2 promoted but surely this constitution doesn't take into account this extrodinary situation where people are losing there lives and football pales into insignificance.
  19. season should be null and void ,far to many games to play to decide who wins goes down etc. does it really matter I don't think leven will be celebrating if they get announced as champions. my prediction is there wont even be ammie football next season as the lockdown when it does start to be lifted will not allow social gatherings for along time yet and football wont be able to start any time this year. only my thoughts but see how far away I am come august.
  20. will have to wait on safa but all players free to sign for other clubs after 30th june. unless this changes then season has to be finished by then.
  21. only a matter of time till it happens in Scotland no grass getting cut by the council means when they do get back to work it will take weeks to get pitches back to playing standard.league should just make decision now so everyone can get on with more important things at this worrying time more to life than football and I never thought I would say that
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