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  1. hope we dont get the weather spoiled it or wind assisted goal done us.games should be aff in these conditions.
  2. surely nothing off today guys unless teams cant field a team.
  3. *cough* You were saying? hence (maybe)in sentence.
  4. glens v bluebell maybe oh thats tasty
  5. hope benny and co continue their good start in league today.
  6. red a lot of posts and what i cant get ma heed roond is l.dair&k.foth are paid a wage which i beleive is less than willie garner and co but youse know theres nae money.now what boss of any business whose company are struggling would do this.
  7. dont want clubs disappearing but what james has written then its goodbye.remember chairman mackie saying to me at mitch,s testimonial anumber of years ago that he would take the club to superleague and he was right,but for ballingry to then be in this ridiculous situation for bragging rights...............not so long ago rosyth were folding with players leaving,no money etc but i returned to the club and helped them to stay in league and although the football was tough they are still here and progressing.could someone not have taken them(ballingry) on and maybe something resolved these situations.?
  8. well done glens.once again late lol.
  9. maybe a bit late and meke a fool o masel.wake up obdi,ballingry struggling thru better teams in league,i might not like garner but this league finds oot ordinary fae slightly better.lee and kev did fantastic in short period with same boys because they want to win or at least compete.willie garner as a player was far superioir but imo is living in that era end off.once again i am open to all.
  10. listened in tonight and found it really enjoyable,there were two managers on.allanmcgonigall and thomas courts,must say tam,u came across surprisingly professional and comfortable.Slightly different fae match days lol.a good show and will be looking out for this on a friday 8-9pm.
  11. now thairs a shock awready,haws,ballingry on
  12. if true,guid luck to benny,gibby,clivey and dunc.
  13. noticed on pandb the bigman won err a grand.well done to a gambler,
  14. wow ballingry beaten 6 nix .garner will walk away shortly saying work commitments.waiting on replies.i wont hide but this man wasnt the man for rovers.BOOM,
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