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  1. eastfifearabman

    Kettle United FC 2003's &2005's

    Hi All Kettle United FC , Kettlebridge Fife are lookign to add players to our teams. Players born 2003 train on Tuesday's 6.30 - 8pm on grass under our Floodlights and Thursdays 7.30-9pm on Astro in Cupar at Duffus park. Games on Saturday Mornings. 2005's are training Mondays 6.30-8pm on grass at Kettle under the floodlights and Fridays on Astro in Cupar from 7.30-8.30. We have fully PVG'd and SFA registered coaches building great training sessions for the kids. We embrace the PCS positive coaching method and believe in hard work and fun. With a great off the field committee, activities throughout the year and a real whole club outlook, its a great place to be. If you would like to find out more give me a call or bring you child down to training. Richard 07717813548
  2. Unfortunately two 2003's teams have pulled out of the youth part of this long running unofficial tournament. Been an Adult tournament where teams have come from all over , london, italy, usa, germany, glasgow in the past to play in. But as the legs of the players in this tournament have got older there has been some kids involvement. This year 4 teams were to play off in 8 aside 15 minute games from 2pm - 3pm. The two fife teams have pulled out and that only leaves two Dundee Thistle teams. There is an entry fee of £50 which covers everything for the team and two coaches and included trophies, medals and the buffet and entertainment back at the Kirkcaldy Rugby Club from 3.30. Its always been a great family occasion with some great people. If any of the fife 2003's would be interested, or similar age group please get in touch
  3. eastfifearabman

    New Team

    Lol is that the best youve got.......
  4. eastfifearabman

    New Team

    been reading your jokes fer years, not getting any better, just thought yer old team should be aware yer not beyond bending the rules in your favour. Oh yes and now as I have no ties to any teams in your structure bring it on. No slagging just facts. Good luck to Lochore without you always liked the players, just hope they know just how underhanded you can be. Signed any of their players without talking to them yet?...... You wouldnt do that would you......
  5. eastfifearabman

    New Team

    ooofffttt.... Better watch oot castle, yer ex committee man probably has all your players signed up already, even if they don't know about it.
  6. eastfifearabman

    Laws Of The Game.

    There's a pitch lowson united sometimes play on outside forfar which is part and part.
  7. eastfifearabman

    Message To Sfa

    They have got off lightly they should be working hard now to save their club, instead of waiting for someone to do it for them,
  8. eastfifearabman

    Results 13/05

    novar 2 - kingdom 2 Wind spoiled the game a bit.
  9. eastfifearabman

    Asus 2Ghz 2Gb Ram 120 Gb Hdd Quick Sale...

    Burntisland, follow link for full details http://www.gumtree.com/p/for-sale/asus-dual-core-2ghz-2gb-ram-120gb-hdd-windows-7-office/102254169
  10. Maybe just a well moderated forum page would do the same, eg a section where posts must be moderated and no comments from others are allowed. a released and available page. That way it would allow a place to advertise players looking for teams, and teams looking for players. It would be important to not have the usual stupid comments that appear here otherwise it would descend into farce with people stealing cheap shots. That way the player/team can advertise themselves, and or players released. As usual it would be up to the team to research their signing with league sec. That way nobodies toes are stepped on and no data protection probs as the individuals or teams have posted as themselves.
  11. sounds good, maybe its time this information was centralised and public, I think there may be data protection issues. But generally a great idea, if you need any IT help in setting up when
  12. I am sure there is so much on right now that the committee have in their inbox! Are you volunteering to run such a system?
  13. eastfifearabman

    Daily Record

    Bring back the sleeping giant!
  14. eastfifearabman

    Mcandrews Have Folded

    I think its a sign of how successful the league is. The sunday set up is reaching higher and higher here and I think there was more progression by more teams in the scottish than ever before, or seemed it. Sunday teams are set up sometime from boys who like football and fancy becoming a team, its hard for them to find their level of achievment when so many new teams have come to the league. By the end of the season, the better players move to better clubs and the poorer ones are left aside. They themselves form teams as they do not wish to go a sunday without a team. But year on year established clubs have entered at lower divisions making the skill and fitness needed to perform in that league skewed. With the success of the the running of the league new teams have come in their droves making the league maybe a bit top heavy in teams I am sure it will settle more now the welfare is all but intregated. Teams at the bottom will play purely for the game on sunday and the teams at the top will compete forbetter and better awards. Sad to see individual teams go though.
  15. eastfifearabman

    Results 1/4/12

    Ciswo will be wondering how they got through tto the final! kingdom pummeled them in the second half with Willy Tsnr pulling off several very good saves. Pity ref missed our two goals which were over the line, confirmed by keeper. Still all the best to ciswo and ref, he's only human afterall.