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  1. Have PM'd you Kev. Teams in your area, Fife thistle, Cupar Hearts, Kettle and the St andrews Teams, Strath, Fruechie, Muchty. Kettle United are a little light on Am's due to our tier 3 w****rs in Dundee staying home for a bit haha. So Space and a chance with us.
  2. Track n trace isolated all our players that took part on Saturday's game. The boys joked we weren't that good to get close to their players for long enough, but someone made the call to do it at track n trace .
  3. We do all that, even got a wee sponsorship from Tenchneco innovations to provide santiser and handfree stations for folk. We can but do our best I suppose and see where it takes us!
  4. Every player wants to play, but if a team has a player tests positive and whole teams have to isolate and miss a fortnights wages due to football, how many times in a season do our families and wives suffer before divorce or leagues up the spout. It's going to happen to us all. Leagues will be finsihed in pro clubs on fifa at this rate.
  5. Wish I could find the old Kirckaldy Albion Badge for ya.. Good luck guys Actually found them, we were a ugly rag tag , terrible football team in the Sunday League back then. But we had great strips until it rained then they soaked the water and got 10 times heavier.
  6. We were stick ons to join. But with the rona its made things difficult. Depending on the scenario and how it plays out will determine if we are in this season. I wish I could be more concrete but I am sure we all would like that clairvoyance. Kettle WILL be back, that's for sure. When.... your guess is as good as mine.
  7. Cheers, thanks. Hopefully see the kids have their pathway sorted for the start of next season. All the best guys n gals.
  8. Any chance an Am's committee member could get in touch with me or if someone could PM me contact details. Would like to speak to them about Kettle United rejoining the ams for next season. Cheers Richy 07717813548
  9. Didn't know you were there , hope your well. Still playing?
  10. Hi there, Kettle United FC's amateur team folded a couple of seasons ago. But the youth squads have continued and the committee and teams are growing in strength and organisation. We need to create a pathway for our kids into Amateur football and as such are looking to restarting a once proud team at Amateur level. With app 30 kids at u/16's this year there is a wealth of talent starting to look at amateur teams and we would them to be in the tangerine and black of Kettle United. If there are existing teams that have no permanent home and are ambitious please get in touch, we can offer support of a full formed committee, clubrooms, equipment inc floodlights and a nice relationship with our local pub! With coaches involved with the youth set up prepared to help out in all aspects of running a club, which I know is not easy. I would love to hear from anyone interested in this opportunity. Richy 07717813548
  11. Hi All Kettle United FC , Kettlebridge Fife are lookign to add players to our teams. Players born 2003 train on Tuesday's 6.30 - 8pm on grass under our Floodlights and Thursdays 7.30-9pm on Astro in Cupar at Duffus park. Games on Saturday Mornings. 2005's are training Mondays 6.30-8pm on grass at Kettle under the floodlights and Fridays on Astro in Cupar from 7.30-8.30. We have fully PVG'd and SFA registered coaches building great training sessions for the kids. We embrace the PCS positive coaching method and believe in hard work and fun. With a great off the field committee, activities throughout the year and a real whole club outlook, its a great place to be. If you would like to find out more give me a call or bring you child down to training. Richard 07717813548
  12. Unfortunately two 2003's teams have pulled out of the youth part of this long running unofficial tournament. Been an Adult tournament where teams have come from all over , london, italy, usa, germany, glasgow in the past to play in. But as the legs of the players in this tournament have got older there has been some kids involvement. This year 4 teams were to play off in 8 aside 15 minute games from 2pm - 3pm. The two fife teams have pulled out and that only leaves two Dundee Thistle teams. There is an entry fee of £50 which covers everything for the team and two coaches and included trophies, medals and the buffet and entertainment back at the Kirkcaldy Rugby Club from 3.30. Its always been a great family occasion with some great people. If any of the fife 2003's would be interested, or similar age group please get in touch
  13. Lol is that the best youve got.......
  14. been reading your jokes fer years, not getting any better, just thought yer old team should be aware yer not beyond bending the rules in your favour. Oh yes and now as I have no ties to any teams in your structure bring it on. No slagging just facts. Good luck to Lochore without you always liked the players, just hope they know just how underhanded you can be. Signed any of their players without talking to them yet?...... You wouldnt do that would you......
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