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  1. Wow while since I've posted on the forum in a long time. First of from a St Monans point of view that was gutting in the way we lost it. However congrats to Leslie hearts on winning the cup. Incredible fight back from 3-1 down. We can analyse what we did wrong but the determination from Leslie to come back the way they did had to be commended. There players and there management showed great class in the way they won not just winning but some of the guys spoke to us and didn't rub it in and showed humility which I have the up most respect for. Hopefully you all have horrible hang overs as mine is stinking! well done again. Now we have to move on, learn and come back stronger. As for Mr Moir. Not sure why he decided to mouth off to us as we picked up our runners up medals? But well done to him for getting a mention in a final he wasn't involved in.
  2. Lomond teams and Bayside and the rest I cant remember? shocking memory haha
  3. Was tough going at the start as we were put under a lot of pressure for the first 10mins. Once we got the first helped settle our nerves then second gave us something to build on and so on. Proud of the guys the day is great to see the younger players come on through the years and now are starting to get it right a give mature performances on the pitch. However today will be a waste if we don't go on and match this performance and get the results for the last 5 league games! Hard lines to the strollers and all the best. We can enjoy this result for now but we know we have a lot to do still.
  4. Take it this will mean the Kirkcaldy Rovers vs Glenrothes Strollers match will be off also?
  5. Never said a thing bout our goals. No excuses what so ever. Not taking anything away from Pepsis first as it was a good strike. Was a sloppy pass that gave ya the chance. Needless corner giving away and poor marking but guy did well to get on the end of it. 3rd I personally thought it was a foul as his arms were all over him but the ref were letting those go all day and yeah stay composed and finished well. But like I say you deserved the win and compared to last time when we've played you are much better organised than before. And to say that we're looking for excuses your not giving yourselves much credit.
  6. Glenrothes athletic 3-2 st monans We had so many chances and shipped 3 bad goals today. They're keeper was first class today pulled 3 fantastic saves on top of the others he had. Glenrothes fight, determination and will to win was much greater than ours today and for that reason they deserve to be in the next round of the Scottish. We know were capable of better and are under no illusions that today wasn't simply wasn't good enough. All the best to Glenrothes athletic in the next round
  7. Beat us by three? Gid luck wi that neebor. Played you twice & scored ten, to your 2!! Cheers for the motivation though =) Sorry I forgot all games have to be the same. Thank you for our motivation !
  8. Going into the last group game needing to win by 3 which we can do. Could of been less for us of weren't for lack of composure and amazing heroics from the defence and even more so from there keeper. Wish the Glenrothes boys all the best.
  9. Craig Fyall with Geordie Glenn assisting him. a few boys came back from other teams but really the same squad he's had from the start. Just gets the best out of the team and just managed to get the boys believing.
  10. Pittemweem rovers 2-1 st monans Was a typical heated derby and tackles were high and was played with high emotions. Bad goals own goals we conceded (from myself the worse one!) But are attitude was spot on and the guys should be proud and it gives us great encouragement to finish the season on a high and shows how far we've come as a team! All the best to the rovers and valleyfield for the final
  11. St Monans 3-1 united colleges Good win today. First half we were bit sloppy and seem to panic. 2nd half we took the game by the scruff of the neck and got a well deserved win. We'll see the colleges soon again! heart breaking news earlier this week for our neighbours pittenweem and the family of Tommy. He was a gentleman on and off the pitch and he'll be missed by many on here and in the community. Our thought are with his family during this sad time.
  12. Agree with bob 1 should be closed. Wish the keeper the best again
  13. So your the boss on who comments Arab 69? Last time I checked it's a forum free for guys to post an opinion so that's what i'm doing. the guy who went in hasn't got a malicious bone in him and heard comments were wet so if you were worried bout conditions in the beginning you should of said something at the start
  14. Wasn't there so can't comment too much on what was said and what conditions were like etc. I played with st monans last year and have great memories bout the players, folk there and the committee. Would be disappointed to think that a guy would receive pelters with a serious injury and maybe there was some that never realised it was as serious at first. Also no there is no player with a malicious bone in there body. As a keeper I've been involved in in collisions that have been 50/50 luckily nothing serious so far but sorry to hear the keeper has had the injury he has. If were me I would not expect the game the be abandoned for it unless if I was in a condition. The guy who said he'd retire. Can see it's probably emotional times the now I've broken my own teammates leg through a freak collision and bawled my eyes out. But it's a game that we love playing and would sleep on it before you jump the gun. Like I say before no malicious bones in the st Monans lads bodies and would like to think there is no more players of this mind at this level. Wish the keeper well and wishing him a speedy recovery.
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