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  1. Carousel 5v5 brucefield Brucefield win on pens
  2. In our association you can't even be seen in the changing room, maybe different in your association though. Worth checking with your head guys.
  3. Nothing was said regarding the teams that didn't turn up m8.
  4. Few teams that did attend didn't pay anything towards there league fees either m8, they have till the end of the month to pay something towards it.
  5. 2 were accepted in m8 1 from Thornton n 1 from cairnyhill playing @ culross. If both these teams come in then both league's will have 13 teams.
  6. So you'll no mind other teams using it(when you's are away from home) like what's happening through this way.
  7. Heard from a good source u boys r folding end of the season as ur manager is taking you Saturday's? Any truth in it Not true!!!!!!!
  8. Brucefield a.f.c are looking for opposition to play on Thursday 20th August. Park is booked for a 18:45 kick off @ pitreavie. Comment below or send me a pm. Cheers
  9. Brucefield a.f.c are looking for opposition to play on Thursday 20th Aug @ pitreavie, park is booked for a 18:45 kick off. reply below or send me a pm if any team fancies it. Cheers
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