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  1. League Cups

    Let’s just put it down to keeper making good saves lol. Hopefully we get the job done after today’s win lad and we have another 2 tasty cup ties to play still aw the best
  2. League Cups

    Your have watched us enough over the weeks before today think I just scrape the 24minute mark. just!! Haha get it up yeeeez
  3. League Cups

    Won’t affect your league run NOW hahahha
  4. team

    What club u gonna choose out that list rocket??
  5. results february 4th 2018

    Kinghorn they are Shite!!!
  6. lomond vics

    Keep up ya old goat!! Last months news
  7. Results

  8. Results

  9. Results

    Now now Paul
  10. Results

    Yasssss good result Colin and the lads brilliant
  11. Scores 2nd September

    Heard liggy doesn't like the coach with the glasses so told his striker to crack the wee shit!! Defo liggys fault the man is uncontrollable
  12. Results 12/08

    U not dead yet ya smelly old bastardd
  13. Friendly Tues 15th August

    Contact Alan lowe of Kennoway amateurs
  14. Results 12/08

    Kennoway 3-1 Leslie stop start game today few chances from both sides n first half with us taking a 1-0 lead. Leslie huffed n puffed and got rewarded eih a penalty. We went ahead again 10mins later and rounded the scoring off with 10 to go with a cross from our center half which dipped over keeper in top bin. Leslie battle for 90 mins and big cammy up top was unlucky not to have a few more goals today smashing a free kick of the bar from 30 yards(simi fingers & then back keeping it out) all the best to leslie on the season ahead
  15. Burntisland Utd v Mcphails

    On another day uz could have won by 2/3 goals? I lost count of how many chances we wasted lastnight. Carousel have a few decent lads and a shame the game ended the way it did