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  1. Btw that is a full circle ya wee !!! Years of the past the invincibles was the main target of YaCant!! Now u are blowing them off 1 by 1 u wee ginger gordon Strachan looking CANT!!!! Turn coat BASSSSSSSAAAAAASSSSSSSS, Mav is twice the man u are saaaan
  2. That bassa Yacunt told uz all this would happen
  3. Bobbsys not quit if u believe that you definitely still believe in santa hes a snow flake loves a wee cry and people to beg him not to quit.... Bobbsy will be cast in the next league fixture and is 1/9 to give a penalty In that game Ps bobbsy is a brilliant cannt haha
  4. Aye it is one of ur players told me FACT shat urself
  5. Lies if that was fife star the tie would have went ahead
  6. Says the cant that pulled out a fixture against Bridge Of Earn the other week because they didnt have there strongest team available due to players from tier 3 not being aloud YET........... Will play all the so called less teams as you see them as easy points!! Shitebags
  7. Boy"z" isn't even aloud to the in laws for xmas dinner this year for jumping ship
  8. Agree with you on this tbf to my knowledge greig park has lost their goaly as he cant afford to be getting caught out like the pittenweem situation and having to be of work. Aye it's a release for 90 minutes away from the shit but is it worth risking having to take time of work missing out on wages etc NAH. Sturgeon is a wee tho
  9. I'd chuck them away aswell after giving cupar that penalty
  10. Some furlough outgoings at that club
  11. Cupar Hearts have been training seen them sat morning. They do what they want!! Buy players and training when told not to.... personally think they should have a 2 year suspension chucked at them this is NOT ON
  12. Can’t be lies bomber lad that sibby tells the truth just like Pinocchio his nose must be about 1m long now
  13. Eductating more like cheating but what ever gets u excited!!! heard an ex kelty player/Captain was offered a player/coach role at the Super Cupar but ur offer wasn’t enough
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