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  1. methil no8

    Strathmiglo Utd

    Just work and injury’s I’m told wouldn’t read nothing into it mate. Good bunch of guys along there and a great committee behind them.
  2. methil no8

    Strathmiglo Utd

    Can’t field a team on Saturday but have a team to play a friendly on Wednesday
  3. methil no8

    After game hospitality

    Was gutted when girl told me there was no food as her boss didn’t expect us back. big man loves a free scran
  4. methil no8

    Results Saturday 5th

    Just been to the shop for pop corn
  5. methil no8

    results 25th april 2018

    Should drug test Athlerico dunf they had won 3 games in 2 year now they r smashing awcunt and pushing for the title !!!?? Defo something dodgy going on. Heard some boys are on £50 a game any truth in this?
  6. methil no8

    Championship League Cup 2017/18

    Big clanger..... i will agree!! glen strollers are f**king brutal specially wee ginger Pele at CB!! tho and I think the manager and the coach has gave Dysart management a bung tonight. Fife amateur football is more corrupt than the British government!!! #Liggy4chairman
  7. methil no8

    Results 22/04/2018

    Mcphails beat Minto on penalty’s
  8. methil no8

    Results Saturday 21st

    Champions almost 2 months ago
  9. methil no8

    Scores Thursday 12th

    2 other pitch’s pal would have been fine bit bobbly
  10. methil no8

    Scores Thursday 12th

    Your at it Colin lol I my header was no bad bud. We have been the same last 3-4 games missing chance after chance. start 2nd half we played some good stuff at hit 3 quick goals. Fair play to Leslie by getting them selfs back in the game. Game was end to end and goals galore no bad for the fans
  11. methil no8

    Game on

    Bet u wish it was off now pal
  12. methil no8

    Midweek games

    Wasn’t going out in that rain to watch Colin. Unlucky on the result bud
  13. methil no8

    Midweek games

    White mate enjoy Madrid game
  14. methil no8

    Midweek games

    Any games on tonight??