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  1. Cupar Hearts have been training seen them sat morning. They do what they want!! Buy players and training when told not to.... personally think they should have a 2 year suspension chucked at them this is NOT ON
  2. Can’t be lies bomber lad that sibby tells the truth just like Pinocchio his nose must be about 1m long now
  3. Eductating more like cheating but what ever gets u excited!!! heard an ex kelty player/Captain was offered a player/coach role at the Super Cupar but ur offer wasn’t enough
  4. Rumours are rife pal more to come. Least the forum is alive again wee man. Heard Boylan has been promised the job as manager after next season when Cupar jump over to the EOS
  5. Signed a few boys and suddenly people are not good enough to play for Cupar hearts haha. Run along and pass on ur info sibby
  6. Let them know iv wrote on here u pellet. Haha ur very touchy wee man there’s other “rumours” as u put it will keep them for another day When I’m bored
  7. It’s not a theory no matches played league finished and u put a proposal in to save urself wee man. Tully has a year left on contract u think he’s just getting to walk a away from that without u boys slipping some money into Lochees bank hahhha next you will be telling me you would have won the Scottish cup.
  8. Mcbride £2000 upfront to sign sib. Should have been relegated and now you guys all out to buy the league
  9. Don’t need to get paid to score against u baz
  10. Took just over an hour to get the team u go on about biting haha
  11. Ur hired see u at the Ciswo 18th July 7pm for agm bud
  12. FANTASTIC!!! When can u start? ⚽️
  13. Hawww Harry Redknapp pipe doon
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