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  1. I remember having some tremendous rammies on here about this very same topic in about 2009 with the Burtisland Sniper and a few other guys. In those days you could get a 10 page all out square go started no bother. Brilliant memories! Amateur clubs would need to be turning over some amount of coin to even contemplate expenses let alone wages. Unless they had a sugar daddy. Makes ye wonder.
  2. Like groundhog day - we had this thread 10 years ago
  3. It's pretty simple. Call an egm now. Agree on a way forward and allow clubs to prepare. Then simply ratify it at the agm. Constitutions are ostensibly robust in nature but are in place for the benefit of the organisation not to hinder it. Other than not knowing a league start date everything else can be clarified and when the go button is pressed by the government clubs will be ready. Voice of Reason AFC.
  4. Secure yer Clubhouse. Some boolin clubs getting tanned. Bad times bring oot bad people.
  5. Aye its tropical up the park the day Jimmy. Unless it's the astro ye've booked dinny haud yer breath
  6. Sumbdy who can press P...... its awe we ask for
  7. Gawn then Ceejay....show them how it's done auld skool
  8. Match reports......those were the fe kkin days
  9. I'm involved in sports administration at a fairly high national level. If I was coming up with this shambles on a regular basis I'd get my jotters. I appreciate there are a number of issues involved- cup ties, pitches out of commission, clubs having a 'requested week aff' etc but its taking the term 'amateur to new lows. Thank god I'm not a player in this era - ye never know the fixtures in advance. How is a young working family guy meant to plan his life around that? No wonder so many are finding things to do on a Saturday afternoon.
  10. Never agreed with the trumpet in ma life and we have had some major rammies on here for many years but YC is right with this. I went up and watched a bit - surely there should be a wider spread of players chosen. Nepotism isny pretty to see in action.
  11. Take the job on then Bomber. Sports admin is a fekkin dawdle
  12. Naw. Chibber's yer best centre half . Always has been. Always will be. Apart fae that yer fine.
  13. Total nonsense. League should just post the naughty list on their website and it would be simple, transparent and easy to manage for the secy. No brainer.
  14. Fair proud of the Hertz after yesterday. Mair than a club
  15. Got last 75 minutes of this. GPR should have won - missed a hatful of chances. Will be kickin themselves. Proble miss anaw!
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