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  1. St Andrews Uni yet to play a match Jimmy. I understand the scenario - I work in the town - but they are now 6 games behind some teams. That's a helluva lot to catch up. Have they entered all the Cups as well?
  2. Hiding wi the Burntisland Sniper.....god those were the days
  3. This is brutal compared to the standards set on here years ago.
  4. Good. And his face was shut. Bliss.
  5. Fitba's loss is boolin's gain. Welcome neebur.
  6. Was a penalty despite all the hyperbole after the event from the goalie. I kinda think the final straw might huv been getting called - among many things - a fe55in wee cheat by more than one Leven player direct to his face. He had the humility to finish the game though cos he'd have been well with his rights to walk aff there and then. Mibee its not him who's chucked but I've known him a good while now and the end of that game was clearly a sickener for him.
  7. Well wee Bobsie flung his cards away after Saturday. Pretty telling. Think he just got scunnered with the grief fae both sidelines.
  8. If yer trying to be funny mate inject some humour, add a little bit of sarcasm and at least sort out your punctuation and grammar. If you don't it just tends to be a childish 'spit the dummy out' ramble that makes ye look like a right walloper.
  9. Yet again its you embarrassing yourself. Best you stay away from this topic. There's a difference between avoiding something and being specifically informed its not permitted. Its like tax. You will be aware of that issue.
  10. It really doesn't say that at all. Read it - its not complicated. It merely recommends avoiding car sharing. There is no direct instruction eg drink bottles, handshakes etc. If it was a specific instruction it would have been made a clear directive.
  11. Close the car park then. That'll teach them and im sure it will make you feel better. As I've proven many times in the past I'm too smart for you but that's no exactly an achievement given your rants and embarrassing climbdown on here over the years. What I wont do is take heed of some self appointed 'guardian of the people' who is happy to denigrate clubs and players who only want to play fitba in a unique environment. From what I see you just want everything stopped. Some might think you have had some sort of political agenda influencing your decision making process? C'est non?
  12. If ye were seriously interested in the issue why weren't yer supporters socially distancing themselves at the game yesterday on the touchline Ya Cant? Ye seem yo be fluent with awe the covid regulations but apparently they don't apply to your club?
  13. Ammie fitba on here. No interested in juniors. Try posting on a page specifically for folk who care aboot junior fitba.
  14. Why is it a joke? Seems a reasonable request to fulfill a heath and safety requirement during a worldwide pandemic.
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