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  1. Now there's a guid idea.
  2. Why is it a joke? Seems a reasonable request to fulfill a heath and safety requirement during a worldwide pandemic.
  3. Positive changes afoot re outdoor sport that should clarify the situation. Announcements due imminently via Sports Scotland.
  4. Eh? I've never been away. We don't do walking away.
  5. Naw just till yacant gives wee Nicola the ok
  6. Applies in most sports these days. I'm heavily involved at a national level in another sport. Even there the commitment can be less than 100%. Always stuns me - in my era you would sweat blood and give everything to play for your country at an international level. If only players looked closely at their management team and respected the amount of time and effort coaches devote just so they could make it possible for players to actually take to the park in a Saturday they might act differently. Probably not though.
  7. Depends on commitment. These days players want to take Saturdays aff to go shopping wi the wife, go on stag do's, wee weekend breaks wi their pals, get tattoos done, spent the house, etc. Work commitments are understandable but anything else is just a kick in the hawmaws to a committed coaching team. Especially when the returning player goes in the huff when he doesn't waltz straight back into the team or organizes a wee break on major dates predetermined in the calendar for Scottish etc. If ye sign on the dotted line you should be 100% committed or dont bother. Same for any team sport actually. Nae wonder management and coaching teams get py55hed aff and eventually lose the enthusiasm.
  8. I remember having some tremendous rammies on here about this very same topic in about 2009 with the Burtisland Sniper and a few other guys. In those days you could get a 10 page all out square go started no bother. Brilliant memories! Amateur clubs would need to be turning over some amount of coin to even contemplate expenses let alone wages. Unless they had a sugar daddy. Makes ye wonder.
  9. Like groundhog day - we had this thread 10 years ago
  10. It's pretty simple. Call an egm now. Agree on a way forward and allow clubs to prepare. Then simply ratify it at the agm. Constitutions are ostensibly robust in nature but are in place for the benefit of the organisation not to hinder it. Other than not knowing a league start date everything else can be clarified and when the go button is pressed by the government clubs will be ready. Voice of Reason AFC.
  11. Secure yer Clubhouse. Some boolin clubs getting tanned. Bad times bring oot bad people.
  12. Aye its tropical up the park the day Jimmy. Unless it's the astro ye've booked dinny haud yer breath
  13. Sumbdy who can press P...... its awe we ask for
  14. Gawn then Ceejay....show them how it's done auld skool
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