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  1. Results Saturday 21st

    Glenrothes 1 AM Soccer Reserves 3
  2. Results Thursday 19th

    They wear strips with AM on them.
  3. Results Thursday 19th

    Kinross Colts 1 AM Reserves 2
  4. Game on

    AM Soccer v Fossaway. Duffus Astro 2pm
  5. Fixtures Saturday 31st March

    Rosebank v AM Reserves. OFF
  6. RESULTS 23rd

    AM Reserves 3 Rosbank 2 Tight game. 1-0, 1-2, 3-2. Decent contest physically with the occasional nice passage of play from both teams.
  7. Results 17/02/18

    AM reserves 0 Glenrothes 1 If ever there was a dull 1-0 match then this was it. Not a lot happened.
  8. Results Saturday 27th

    AM Soccer 2 Fossaway 2 Fossaway 2-0 up with 25 to go. A couple of goals and a couple of red cards saw the points shared. Far from a classic game of football. Seen both teams play better
  9. Results

    Kennoway UTD 1 AMsoccer Reserves 4 Reasonably tight game at 0-1 and 1-1 up until the last 30 mins or so. Not a lot of good football on show from either team. Plenty missed chances from both.
  10. Results

    Entertaining game. Goals, mistakes, tackles and some nice phases of play from both teams. Festive cobwebs blown off.
  11. GAMES ON

    Both AMsoccer matches are on.
  12. Results Saturday 2nd

    Falkland 2 AMsoccer Reserves. 2 Entertaining fixture. A draw likely the fairest result.
  13. Results 18th Nov

    Strath 6 AM Reserves scud. Even game with 5 break away goals and 1 offside goal for Strath.
  14. Results Saturday 28th

    Scotia 3 AM Reserves 0 Tough match for the reserves today. Both teams competed well. Cracking pitch.
  15. Results

    AM 1 AM 0 the 1st team were 10 minutes from a penalty shoot out. Ran them close.