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  1. RESULTS 23rd

    Who scored for the ylum
  2. Silly Rule

    Am sure yous had a friendly 2 weeks ago when your home game was off ...... sick of the sfa having different rules from our own leagues rules
  3. Fife select team

    A take it bookings and sending offs in any of these friendlies will count towards disciplinaries ? Who pays for insurance for the players taking part ? For any serious injury
  4. Results Saturday 27th

    Gpr 1 ylum 1 ylum missed a pen ......
  5. Proposals from the SAFA

    Disgrace from safa when have they ever tried to help teams ? Imo they are after an elitist system and dont give a shitt about the rest of the teams struggling to make ends meet ..... i propose an inflation rise of 3% for every year ..... this 75 quid is just be drawn oot of someones mouth and they will push it through that is a guarantee .... they are only doon to there last 300 thousand ..
  6. Friendly Rule?

    how many different rules are there? that's two different rules av heard in a month , thought there was only one rule ? think they just make them up as they go along , go in front of the Scottish for a disciplinary and you get 6 weeks when the league is already closed for two of them so gets 4 weeks , his team play 1 game in those 6 weeks and misses 1 game , another player for a similar offence gets a letter of a 4 game ban and still has one to serve in the same time as the other player got banned.....mental . all you want is parity. to top it all off the safa want an extra 75 pounds a year of every team cause they are doon to there last 300,000 .......give me a break ffs. theres teams folding every season and instead of helping these teams they are asking for more money ...absolute disgrace imo.
  7. Another team gone

    A said it last season about clubs folding and it will continue ..... commitment and attitude is the biggest thing and costs are spiralling out of control ..... its costing my team over 100 pounds a week to run the club
  8. Results

    Pittenweem 1 ylum 5
  9. Results

    Ylum 1 am soccer 0
  10. Scottish Cup

    Well done cupar
  11. Games off

    All games wiped out
  12. Fife Cup teamlines

    Fackin joke neeb .. it was the same with team lines for the scottish .. had to email them back about 6 times before they send an attachment
  13. Fife Cup teamlines

    Still none
  14. Fife Cup teamlines

    Take it we will have to use the league teamlines for the fife cup ?
  15. Fife Cup teamlines

    Still not got ours