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  1. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday October 21

    My point is he changed fixtures after they were casted cause teams made there mouths go ...... whats good for the goose is good for the gander but of course not all teams are getting treated the same in this instance ..... why? He opened a can of worms changing fixtures after they were casted at the start of the season and its not right that certain teams who made there mouths go got to change there fixtures and other teams are just told to get on with it ...... sporting integrity eh ?
  2. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday October 21

    A know weve to play every team twice but ffs other teams made there voices heard after fixtures were casted and he changed them ? Maybe we arent a big enough team but heres me thinking everyone gets treated the same ? Weel probably be told to get on with it
  3. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday October 21

    Playing a team in the league we have already played and still to play 7 other teams ? Ffs min dont like slagging but how hard is it to make sure you play every team once in the league before you play another team twice ? Only played 6 league games ffs
  4. Results

    Cupar 2 ylum 1
  5. Results

    Strollers 2 ylum 4 poor game but a wins a win heard muchty 2 bowhill 5
  6. Results

    Fossaway 1 shotts 1 fossaway should have had game dead and buried but lost a goal in last min heard kingdom 2 bowhill 0
  7. Game off

    Waterlogged jaz
  8. Game off

    Strollers v ylum
  9. Amateur game

    Correct neeb ..... but money helps ?
  10. Amateur game

    http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/what-happened-amateur-football-scotland-11236189 true about payments
  11. Scottish

    I had to ask the safa to send me the link again as it definately wasnt on the email ... some fackkin about min
  12. Scottish

    Had another email saying you need a computer to get the link for team lines .... wtf min .. mobile nae good
  13. Scottish

    Fackin joke pal ...
  14. Scottish

    Anyone had email from safa with teamlines for there game on 30th ? Got an email but no attachment with team lines .......
  15. Results

    Ylum 1 muchty 2