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  1. why play local cup ties on 2 nd sept ... surely you play as much league games as possible befor the scottish and fife kicks in ..... still say premier teams shouldnt be in the draw for local cup ties till the 2 nd round ..... you know it makes sense ...... come the end of may there will have to be an extension for season to end
  2. Am not criticising neeb ... i know its a hard job ... cant keep everyone happy ..... just pish no having a game on 2nd sept as we also have a free week on 23rd sept ........ am sure there is formulas out there with 14 team leagues that will help you out ...... so every team plays each other before playing each other twice ? A still think teams in top league shouldnt enter the cups till the 2nd round but what do i know eh
  3. Least youve got a game ? We dont have a game on 2nd sept ?
  4. Results 22 July

    Ylum 3 bayside 5