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  1. ya cant


    Cmon min ffs 10 days to start of the season and still no fixtures how many will be changed ? Noo thats a good question surely you could cast the fixtures and then cast the refs later
  2. ya cant


    Just tell them yer getting married pal ......
  3. ya cant

    Lookin for a ref

    Friendly on saturday 21st july ylum v tullibody .... ref has pulled out can someone point me in right direction to get a ref for this game on saturday ...2pm ko at ylum thanks
  4. ya cant

    New season set up

    Cmon bomber ...... defenders were clumsy pal ..... big dofey centre halves diving pal
  5. ya cant

    New season set up

    Why no this season ? It was put through last season wae 4 games to go ? Am sure no one would have cared about sporting integrity again ......aw wait a minute it didnt suit other teams agendas this season
  6. ya cant

    New season set up

    14 -10-10 sounds like the fairest way would have been 12-12-10 but thats just me .......... would have meant top 10 and 2 coming up from championship ? But that wouldnt be fair telling teams they were relegated at the end of the season ...... now were have i heard that before ?
  7. ya cant

    Teams folding

    Is there defo teams folded ? What teams and how many teams left? Has the championship been decided? A heard kirkcaldy still havent received any trophy yet ... anyone got a scooby doo
  8. ya cant

    fife cup final

    Well done strath
  9. ya cant

    Results tues 29th

    Good result neeb
  10. ya cant

    Todays scores

    Ffs just heard a beauty ...... player signed .. player no signed ... different signatures ... wtf is going on in our league .....
  11. ya cant

    New Teams for 2018/19

    Junior football is finished in fife neeb ... gie it two more seasons and sponsors will be pulling oot of junior football ....... 30 teams have joined the east of scotland league
  12. ya cant

    Todays scores

    Ok am not having ago but going on past were teams cant fulfill a fixture the opposition had to put in a letter to claim the points ... didnt know the rule had changed .... rather than fine them dock points from the start of next season am sure they wont do it again ...... other teams doing this as well is an embarrassment to the league and fining them is no good imo but docking points would hurt more imo
  13. ya cant

    Todays scores

    Why they should be fined and face further punishment of docking points in the future if it happens again ........
  14. ya cant

    Todays scores

    What a farce hows ym got the points already surely they have to put a letter in to claim the points ........
  15. ya cant

    Cup final

    Well done leven