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  1. Why are teams trying to play friendlies ?
  2. Got to keep a register for every training session neeb time each person turns up and leaves the building . anyone who gets covid and is on your register they all have to self isolate for 14 days its shitt but has to be done ....... how many teams who have started back actually do this ?
  3. Mind have a register of every training session youve had just incase ........
  4. Aye ok tell me when yer game is pal ... al pop along
  5. Yer dreaming if you think there will be games in september no bothering what they say ..... never get 18 guys in a changing room for the forcievable future . turning up in cars changed ready to play ? Lol better just calling it over till they get a vaccine am afraid just need to look at aberdeen and they have testing .... am sure all our guys are going to pubs etc etc what happens if one of our players tests positive ? Anyone know ...... is every team keeping a register of every training session ... time they arrive till the time they leave
  6. Hope you get one pal
  7. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/5794813/coronavirus-scotland-footballers-darvel-training-illegal/
  8. Being going on for years lads .... not so much in fife but through the west its rife ...
  9. Good point neeb a was going to propose if league starts in oct/ nov we scrap the local cups and just play league games if we dont start back till january then we just play each other once and play the local cups just an idea but its never going to be easy what ever way it starts back
  10. Lumphinnans utd afc play at ochilview park in lumphinnans are currently looking for a new manager for season 20-21.we are an established amateur club and play in the kingdom of fife amateur league .we have first class facilities and pitch All interested parties contact peter muir 07826219797 or pm me on here
  11. Correct jimmy as the resolution been put to the league covers it all but when has common sense ever prevailed neeb
  12. Aye ok neeb you mr clunie in disguise lol
  13. Wow never posted before but will get your tuppence in . Entitled to your opinion though
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