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  1. Anyone got full draw
  2. Thats mental am sure fixture secretary said teams had to try and get games on wether its reverse or book another park
  3. Why did they no swap the fixture ?
  4. Lumphinnans utd will play yousneeb
  5. It was a competition to see who got banned the most a think a just beat the wee man lol
  6. Hes in hiding pal lol 55 took care of him
  7. I think every kant else is as well pal after moaning when it got stopped
  8. So much for everyone wanting to play football again cannae get a game on a saturday when theres only 4 fixtures lol
  9. Due to late cancellation is there any team out there want a friendly at the ylum on saturday park and ref booked
  10. Ylum looking for a friendly at lumphinnans next saturday 07826219797 if you want to get in touch
  11. Ylum 1 st andrews 2
  12. Any games off yet weathers brutal
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