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  1. ya cant

    Fife cup draw

  2. ya cant


    Leven 5 ylum 0
  3. ya cant


    Walk ya lazy old kant
  4. ya cant

    Scores 1/12

    Fossaway 0 ylum 4 heard bowhill 0 colville 1
  5. ya cant

    Games off/on Saturday 24th

    Ylum v hob off
  6. how did you get on last night 

    1. ya cant

      ya cant


      A got off wae warnining pal


  7. ya cant

    Results 3rd Nov

    Ylum beat 3-0 fack knows how but thats football would love fife refs to be homers wae fife team at home
  8. ya cant

    Results 27/10/18

    Ylum 2 leven 0 heard cupar 2 bowhill 1
  9. ya cant

    Time to unaffiliate from the SAFA?

    250 fine mate disgusting
  10. ya cant

    Time to unaffiliate from the SAFA?

    No one cares neeb theyre doon to there last 300,000 pal and still want more ...... fining you 250 pounds for not turning up for a game ? But they change the time from 2 till 4 wae 3 days notice and tell yi to play or risk the fine stevie wonder can see whats happening here
  11. ya cant

    Time to unaffiliate from the SAFA?

    Correct bertie but breaking away isnt the answer neeb as you need rules and regulations set up which is mammouth ..... a good committee etc etc you can withdraw from scottish every year its up to you .... but they couldnt care what or how many teams fold .... imo they want an elitest league set up in the west and one in the east and north/tay and only the teams with money will get there... the rest of us will be also rans look at fife junior football now adays .. glorified amateurs pal
  12. ya cant


    Ylum v am soccer game on
  13. ya cant

    Fixtures next week

  14. ya cant

    Fixtures next week

    Just glad were at home pal
  15. ya cant

    Fixtures next week

    Didnt think you would bite jane lol