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  1. Anyone playing eos has to be signed back amateur by end of march or cant play at all so i cant see boys coming back if no amateur football by end of march
  2. Aye they shouldnt be playing football the same as the amateurs its actually disgraceful that they are getting away with it
  3. What happens to all these players that are playing eos do you think they are going to go back and play amateur ? what if they dont and some teams cant field a team cause there is a few who have left amaies to play in eos leagues
  4. Totally agree pal eos playing and amateur isnt is the biggest piss up both should be stopped from playing until it is safe to do so ....
  5. So its non cantact training was allowed you saying ye were full contact training
  6. even then teams will need 3 weeks training before it gets back into full flow looking at march at the earliest to start back league has to make a decision then if worth trying to finish the season
  7. Charlie your being far to sensible pal you will be attacked on here pal being accused of wanting to stop football
  8. A total of 70 players have been isolated in the last two weeks and boys still want to play football Enough said
  9. Its for legionella the changing rooms have to be checked and cost alot of money to do them all
  10. Whatever pal i wont laugh at people losing livelihoods .. money .. even losing parents in some cases . one thing i wont get involved in an argument with you stay safe everyone
  11. Just hope everyone is safe i have been at it from day one that this would happen to guys and when it happens is when it really kicks in when you get the dreaded call . why boys were wanting to keep playing and risk there lives .. there livelihoods and there own famalies lives is beyongd me alot of boys on here beginning to look silly now but am no gonnae slag anyone i just want everyone to be safe and well football will be back but only when its safe
  12. What a load of pishh lot of teams would like to be in cupars position no long ago cupar were taking double figure defeats but kept the team going and now teams are jealous
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