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    Still pretty tight at the bottom with any 2 from 3 to go down rosyth have to win and hope other 2 teams lose to force play offs bayside and kingdom both on the same points good luck to all 3 teams
  2. results 16th may 2018

    West end 2 minto 1 minto missed 2 pens well big rab saved 2 first pen for hand ball the ref gave a yellow and minto manager took exception to this and ended up wae a red card
  3. Bowhill

    Well done on winning the league
  4. Results Saturday 5th

    Aye and whats even more mad is suspensions .... suspended for two teams so suspension can go quicker than with one team
  5. Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    We play yous at ylum on thursday 17 th may neeb still dont see a fixture of leven v bowhill up till then lol
  6. Results Saturday 5th

    Cupar 1 ylum 3
  7. Ye wanting to help lumphinnans iout today as our keeper is injured 

  8. Maybe pal .... just someone told me that jane was calling it a day cause of the abuse from certain clubs .......
  9. Keeper

    A know its short notice but any keepers out there who can help ylum out the day as our keeper is unavailable ... just pm me if interested .. thanks obviously must be released
  10. League cup final

    Well done leven
  11. Ffs neeb if thats true then that stinks ........ a heard landell lass was getting stick for handing out suspensions from certain clubs and mysteriously this game was moved after being casted a fortnight ago ....... thats not right imo
  12. How come another fixture casted was not played tonight ? Is it a case off play when you want in this league its ridiculous whats going on

    Ylum have cupar away leven at home
  14. Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    Whos getting married this thursday ? Looks like yer no playing