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  1. Lumphinnans utd afc play at ochilview park in lumphinnans are currently looking for a new manager for season 20-21.we are an established amateur club and play in the kingdom of fife amateur league .we have first class facilities and pitch All interested parties contact peter muir 07826219797 or pm me on here
  2. Correct jimmy as the resolution been put to the league covers it all but when has common sense ever prevailed neeb
  3. Aye ok neeb you mr clunie in disguise lol
  4. Wow never posted before but will get your tuppence in . Entitled to your opinion though
  5. Everyone has a different opinion neeb and whatever the vote is then thats what will happen .. we were voting for option 3 but now option 4 is on the table we decided to go for option 4 . its all about opinions but sporting integrity should be the one thing before self interest so option 3 and 4 both have sporting integrity imo options 1 and 2 are for self interest
  6. Am sure your team mates are glad you come on here and called all the teams pish .... only 2 options there that has sporting integrity are options 3 and 4 option 1 call it as it is with teams played 20 games and others 12 games ... you think that is fair ? option 2 same as option 1 but average points you think thats fair ? option 3 finish the season later on sounds good but nobody knows when season will start and am soccer will have amalgamated with cupar by that time so all there points would have to be deducted and teams who took points off them be deducted . option 4 null and void season ends with no winners and losers
  7. Your the absolute tool pal calling all teams pish cause you want a tainted title am sure there is no easy way to call the league as no matter what happens there will be some teams not happy .
  8. Null and void is an option to vote on in the leagues 4 options . what dont you understand . caledonian league .. null and void safl ... null and void these leagues had a vote of all there clubs whos to say null and void will win the vote ? teams might vote to carry the season on so its played to a finish . whatever is voted on by all the clubs will be the result
  9. Put your resolution in bertie the clubs will decide what happens in the vote for all options and whatever the vote is thats what will happen and all the teams will have to accept it . as a boy said earlier its amateur football and theres a pandemic going on in the world with thousands of people dying , a think people are just wanting this out the road the longer it goes on as i cant see us playing football till at least november and by that time there might be not alot of clubs left
  10. I put a resolution into the league last week and others can also do it as well .. the leagues will be restructured at the agm like they were last season but bizarraliy got changed cause teams didnt want to go up.
  11. Whats that got to do with it like ?
  12. Why is it ludicrous to null and void a season when theres teams played 20 league games and others played 12 games . Average points where the team only played 12 has played teams at the top of the league twice before playing teams at the bottom once .a know what sounds ludicrous caledonian league .. null and void with one of the teams unbeaten in there league safl league .... null and void aberdeen league .. null and void east of scotland ... null and void
  13. A never said who decides but last season we decided a 14 team premier at agm but then we had a sgm to change it back to 12 because teams didnt want to go up . I dont think it will be much different this year but who knows theres a pandemic in the world just now and whatever way you look at it no one knows when we will be back playing football .
  14. Going by constitution rules would be 11-10-18 restructing leagues is easy of the top of ma head 14-14-12 league at bottom play each other 3 times not saying that is how it will go but after last seasons debacle at agm were teams threatened to fold if they went up a league it wont be hard to get teams with a wee bit ambition to apply themselves to go up a league
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