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  1. Its a shambles mate track and trace no one knows whats the right way to go ahead should have been leadership from the top too many grey areas , we lumphinnans have had 2 home games and twice we have been pulled up for our subs leaving the bubble area when they come of the pitch these guys have been competing in a game in rain wind and sweating ... protocol says they cant leave the bubble till match has ended . a could bet 90% of teams subs come of the pitch and leave the bubble
  2. Hope you are ok pal yip it aint worth it when it hurts you in the pocket , especially with peoples livelihoods at stake stay safe should be everyones priority just now .
  3. Exactly only one kant embarrassing themselves
  4. Yes your correct but you try and stop people in a public park not easy if ye get a belt in the puss easy to pick faults out neeb both teams subs jumped the barrier leaving the bubble 2 cars in the car park after the game when we went to close the gates went over to ask them to leave and one car had 3 cupar players in it and the other car had 2 cupar players in it with no masks on you do know car sharing isnt allowed and this is why there shouldnt be games on as all teams are breaking the protocols just saying as your trying to be the smart kant
  5. Well surely if its money the players will go and play elsewhere
  6. Thats 14 clubs now so not all about money its more about players well being and good on them i say if celtc and other players catch the virus through football am sure amateur players arent exempt from the virus
  7. A would do it tomorrow but its not my decision
  8. Its about health and safety of players and has everything to do with football at all levels imo more teams will follow and start pulling out
  9. Have withdrawn from there eague this season due to restrictions one was no changing and washing facilitties Wjich could have severe implications to the health and well being of there staff
  10. When you turn up at the park ....park in the car park and warm up down the bottom of the Astro turf on the grass 7s pitch ⚽️⚽
  11. Heard there is an safa meeting today and football all over can be suspended due to the risks involved teams who have players playing from areas where there is a ban wont be able to play those players etc
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