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  1. Yeh would have preferred a trip to Aberdeen or something like that but if we win on Sunday we will just have to rip Falkirk up nstead o its not falkirk you will be going to its the concrete jungle Well it won't be Hallglen v Jokers. We got beat 4-2 the day from Westquarter. We got beat 4-1 as well baz
  2. YLumLass

    Del Rae

    cozzy will get a word wi you on sat if youre at the kennoway game regarding putting yer boots on in dels game,great response so far wi guys fae kennoway,cupar,civil,and lochgelly taking part and will be in touch with others.thanks guys Rab its chub, get in contact and il be there m8
  3. 80 bar I'm no that expensive. A big mac will be enough
  4. kettle1 ylum 1 Who scored for ylum?
  5. Barry said it was coz of his lucky shinpads too nothing to do with your ability of pen taking
  6. can i ask what the rules are if a team does not have changing facillities ie showers and such i was told you never had a shower after all didn't need to have one never even broke sweat during the game it was that easy in the 1st half compo ripped u a new arsehole and Barry ripped himself a new calf muscle
  7. no way was it worse than any from last week????? best midfielder in ammies fitbaw least ur confident al gie ye that Without even having seen them play mate I'd be willing to bet he's no even the best midfielder at Carnegie. to be totally honest barry with age im defo getting worse. until i prove myself then i wid have to agree with that comment, but what abt the blue brazil baz mate, canny deny we r playing some silky stuff and cruising at the top of the table Didnae play much silky stuff last night but still managed to win. Aye nae thanks tae that adamson - his behaviour is shocking. :banghead: have to agree with u redeyejedi seen ppl gettin sentenced for that
  8. YLumLass


    no one got a report frm the ylum game who got the goals 1-1 each at ht.ylum goal from lee adamson,wardy then scored a beauty (according to him ) ,then big ross mcmillan scored from a corner. It was a beauty pete.
  9. Yeah Baz it is. If the park had been cut then it would be a lot better but it was fackin tight pitch like Whats the best way to get there neebur im coming straight fae work on wednesday. And dont be a smart erse sending me via gleesga Don't worry about that u just need 2 ken how tae take a throw in 4 wednesday nite lol Hahahaha
  10. Ylum 3-2 'ettle any report/scorers? Lee adamson got 2 and herv got 1. Good performance from ylum 2day but the wind ruined the game. Ylum hit the post twice and the bar twice in the first half
  11. Think Jock got 4,Gareth 1 and no sure Jock got 3 brad got 2 and gareth got 1
  12. who was playing for the shippy
  13. By the way they're talking I think this is going to happen. Davie's a stubborn cant and if he feels he's been given a raw deal then he'll not think twice about pulling his team out the league they're in. Welfares loss, Sunday Ams gain. Wouldn't say it was going to happen yet but it will be intresting over the next few days
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