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  1. Hey guys long shot but I'm doing a walk over cancer fundraiser and looking for any donations to help. Just donate on the link of you can spare a coue of quid. Thanks https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/page/anthony-walks-all-over-cancer-19
  2. Hey guys this is a legal matter now so no more comments on here please. Cheers
  3. Not gonna mention names but was stunned during a conversation I had with someone. Certainly opened my eyes and question the integrity of this setup.
  4. Actually looks worse than that . Away to see specialist to see if op needed and broken nose on top of that.
  5. 2 fractures to face. Hope they enjoy their day in court .
  6. Absolute disgusting behaviour from a couple of boys in what was a good contest up till that point. In the street the assaults are jail sentences. Be interesting to see what bans are levied and the police are involved. Punch from behind and kick in the face sickening
  7. What was toon game abandoned for ?
  8. Any players looking for a change of scenery or looking for a team pop along to our training at pitreavie Vida on Wednesday night 8 til 9. Cheers
  9. Missed a few but still had a decent side so wouldn't use that as an excuse. Torleys deserved their win
  10. Will pop along to some bud
  11. As most of you know I am stepping back from the footballing side of the club. Any enquiries for games or team enquiries please contact peter Fyfe as he is now running all that side of things. Been an interesting couple of years in the ams for me and have enjoyed all the banter and battles at the games. Thanks to all the committee for their help and thanks to all the refs good or bad at times and lastly all the clubs. Good luck to every one for the coming season. I'm sure it will be a very good one with some excellent teams in it. Cheers tony
  12. Aye there some games lol. Few handbags but at least the boys don't go out to hurt each other. Am sure next seasons old firm games will be just as good
  13. Well done to Torro too on their win
  14. Well done to Torleys. Very close game and could of went either way. Good luck next season. As av said before a far better team than position suggests.
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