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  1. Are you still going Baz? Seen you've pulled out of the Glenrothes tourney this weekend.
  2. Crikey, this season is fair dragging out.
  3. Crikey, some strange goalkeeping
  4. I was at game as well watching. The attitude off denbeath was a disgrace overweight. My opinion the ref didn't do well either. I think no matter who the ref is they will always get a hard time off denbeath.aye man so the fact off clear as day hand ball 2s was let off by the ref then guy rolls in the box gets a pen when it's a clear free kick defo Agree the attitude was wrong but when ref is cheating and it's clear he is any1 could see it There are teams, both Saturday and Sunday, who have your attitude and it actually ruins the game. Refs aren't turning up at amateur football to cheat. They'll get decisions wrong but some teams behave like it's the champions league and have absolutely no respect for the referee.
  5. In fairness to Pete it was a bit of a strange result?
  6. 11 boys missing from squad of 22 today . Then to b let down by another 1 before we set off left us with 10 men !!Lads played really well today considering there was 10 of them, went 1-0 up & 1 cleared of line ,2nd half st monans had more possession but didn't really threaten in final 3rd . Few of there lads said we were unlucky not to win it . There fans not happy throwing ball off boys face etc !!!!! Some shouts like trying to get men sent off for simple challenges . Cause they struggled after game committee man from st monans was saying u should be embarrassed coming wi 10 men !!! My captain reply was we had a lot players missin , only been let down by 1!! U should b more embarrassed u couldn't beat 10men !! Lol they love us up there . Great point in my opinion considering circumstances. Some good players for them who hold no grudges etc there the 1s I wish alll the best to . Why should you be embarrassed travelling with 10? Some clubs would have pulled it. Great effort
  7. Duloch are putting in a team too
  8. It's not a bit of rain, it's been absolutely lashing down.
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