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  1. jimmythesaint

    Play Offs

    The funniest thing I find about all this is how Petes "BAN" seemed to last from 2012 until now !!!!! Full of sh1te spring to mind !!! :wave:
  2. Weirdly Dhanny....this is the first time I've been on in ages, im not really surprised by how little activity there was.... The "banter" used to be good, until rangeers (RIP) died the place was "BUZZZZZIINNNGG" then they all went into hiding other than petes alter ego larry the dafty. Other than Celtic and rangeers (RIP) banter it was dead anyway.....the rest done nothing but complain about how the forum was took over by the banter of the OF at the time....then they set up an OF section and all the activity went there and fuuck all happened in this one. Then they got rid of that and all the activity came back on here, rangers (RIP) died, the fans went to SEVCOO and told us all how we "were all fuucked", and theyl "be back stronger than ever" and then when that didn't quite go to plan they all disappeared into hiding !!! So the rest got there wish, the "bigot brothers" as they called us at the time have stopped posting but the place has went dead (like rangers RIP) By the looks of it tho, even the other sections are far quieter than they used to be.....not sure why.........not as many players using it these days?? do the younger ones playing even know it exists??? Anyway, as Fife lad says, if a certain team "come BACK to the top tier next season" maybe things will pick up...............tho im not sure many HIBS fans use this !!??? :wave:
  3. jimmythesaint


    http://www.fifefootball.co.uk/forums/index.php/forum/2-fife-amateur-football-league/ Theres a wee link to the FAFA part of the forum so you can tell them your back too Jaz !! No sure if you know that one exists or does your computer just automatically go to the Kingdom site ??
  4. Fuuck me, same sh1t different year !!! Never going to happen lads, save yer time and energy !!
  5. Very true !! That incident aside the officials were very poor tho, however, Im more concerned about how sh1te we were on sunday and the fact the majority of our team were playing wi there fecking slippers on.... They spent more time on their arse than ive seen in a long time, slipping about all over the place !!
  6. Did you BUY any players ?? :moon:
  7. well done to hearts, played some good football this year with a good mix of youth and experience !! Weird how things turn out, I know a few jambos who were raging when they got rid of lockie at the start of the season and then they've ran away with it !! Love an away day at Tyncastle so a welcome return next year !
  8. Ronny in the CSA on London road on Saturday night = CLASS !!!!!
  9. Great win for Celtic on Sunday, winning the league cup, as its been a few years for us !! :cheers: 5 winners in 5 years for that trophy which is great for Scottish football IMO Big question now is can we can and do the TREBLE????? Always hard to win the 3 of them but we've got a decent chance so fingers crossed Ronny can lead us to it !! His team really starting to take shape now and he's putting in some solid foundations for the future too so happy days !! :headbang:
  10. No reply to that question yet deasy ???
  11. Aw, theyres one back!!
  12. Great result yesterday for Celtic, First half Aberdeen were the better side and would feel aggrieved going in a goal down at the break. We destroyed them in the 2nd half tho, kept the ball well and started passing the ball much better and at a higher tempo. Pitch looked very heavy too but a great result all the same, big month for us domestically with our game in hand on Wednesday night then 3 games in a row v Dundee Utd.
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