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  1. Games OFF

    weem vs muchty off
  2. Results

    muchty 0 foss 1
  3. games on or off

    Surprised by this. Thought the weather had been ok this week.
  4. Results

    hahaha just remember who asked who if we were looking for players pal.
  5. Results

    he's probably had a pint
  6. Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year to all.
  7. Games on Sat 16th Dec

    Could be worse, could get tucked into a bottle of Sambuca at 3.8%, oh no wait, it' actually 38%. What a muppet!!!
  8. Games on Sat 16th Dec

    Can't see many being on at all. In the minuses all week.
  9. game switch

    All payments on booking now Jaz. Keep up
  10. Games off Saturday 2nd

    Phil, I'm not having a go at you about not reversing the fixture,,All I'm sayin is the rule should be is that if a parks unplayable and the opponents park is playable , if they still have them to play them away it should automatically happen.
  11. Games off Saturday 2nd

    Teams should be made to change if another pitch is available. Wait until people start moaning about all the midweeks they have to play at end of the season and they had chances to play games.
  12. Contact

    Have replied to ur message bud
  13. SAFA

    £1000000 plus pitch. It certainly didn't cost that.
  14. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday October 28

    There possibly casted and changed as they have noticed a mistake or something could be made better. There should be a reason given for the change in my opinion so it's justified to all other clubs.
  15. worst pitch

    Think most people would rather have u piss off. If you think facilities, clubs are poor maybe you should offer your services out to help and improve these. If you had done this at your home towns club they might have survived.