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  1. We rarely got them 7 days in advance when the league was going on so prob not get them till Monday.
  2. Ya cant has them and locked them in his covid box. Cant get into them as nobody allowed in his house.If nobody can see them then nobody can play. Anyone got the stagecoach timetable?
  3. Get training back on ,advertise for another friendly and your jamming bud. They should really be quicker with getting back to you but testing times for everything but good to hear thats the protocol.
  4. Nobody is experts on here but only reading what guidance is out there. Nothing else you can do apart from follow the guidance. I would imagine reider would have tried to contact them back to get an update. Hope the guys ok
  5. Only the child and household need to self isolate, anyone else doesn't until they start to develop symptoms from what I have read and been told but every case is different. If anyone gets it at my work, staff or customers, the whole work force doesn't stop and the place remains open unless there's a big outbreak.
  6. What do u think happens when a child tests positive. Do all children in the class need tested- No , They will only need tested if they start to develop symptoms so its the same at the fitbaw. The show must go on.
  7. Tuesday 15th Cupar 5 Rosyth JFC 0
  8. I done a method statement in about 5 minutes. Hardly rocket science. If you want to train on the astros it requires to be done.
  9. Its not ideal for games but if boys want to play they will do it. Cant be any worse than Tuesday and Thursday training in monsoon conditions and driving home
  10. I reckon come the start of friendlies the 2m distance might get put to a safe distance. Considering the players will be training together(contact) I think sharing a changing room won't be an issue. Playing against teams of course there's going to be a risk but again will be low. There will be lots of protocols and guidlines to follow im sure. I totally agree with the changing rooms, they need to be open to play. feck jumping in the car and driving home.
  11. Do you mean organise friendlies?? be aswell pencilling them in and when the dates are pushed back they can just change the dates.
  12. Least the astro pitches are going to open in August. A little something especially when the weather changes.
  13. Just being realistic fella. Gyms and sports facilities were supposed to open in August now pushed back till mid September. With a spike in cases and a 2nd wave in about a month will see football put on the back burner. Might get some friendlies played in the winter.
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