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  1. Results Thursday 19th

    Spot on BPC. The only thing that needs to change is the disciplinary procedure with having 2 teams. If a player gets suspended for the 1st team, the club shouldn't be allowed to use the reserves fixtures aswell as the first teams fixtures to get the ban up quicker.
  2. Results Thursday 19th

    Ooofft jump in with 2 feet gorgy.
  3. Midweek games

    Can't see any being on anyway with the weather
  4. Fixtures Saturday 31st March

    Aye the roads might be bad to get to games, better just staying at home lads.
  5. Mid week games

    I get a good run out though.
  6. Mid week games

    I dont.
  7. Mid week games

    Aye it' not easy playing twice a week never mind 4 times a week:) I bet a lot of boys play sunday football to so they might be playing Saturday, sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday. Quicker the seasons finished the better in my opinion.
  8. Mid week games

    Would you not be training on a Tuesday/Thursday anyway so what does it matter. Never know what the weather is going to do either. Couple of bad days and games get postponed. They might reduce them as they go.
  9. Results 24/03/18

    muchty 3 weem 4
  10. Midweek games

    Moaned about the roads being wet to He's some boy!
  11. Midweek games

  12. any games on sat 10th march

    seems like driving thru a few puddles is dangerous. Can' wait to get rain days at work next
  13. any games on sat 10th march

    hahaha thanks ya old slavering .
  14. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 10

    Haha now now James. Just remember where u were for years struggling day in and day out playing short tennis. Another thing that u weren' good at along with drinking Sambuca:)
  15. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 10

    90 quid for 2 hour booking on 4g? 45 quid a team. I don't think thats expensive. I'm sure boys who play would be happy enough to put a couple of quid each back into the club or sell more tickets or whatever they do to help the club run and be able to make these things happen.