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  1. Just hope they don't call it to soon. Can you imagine if we are able to get back playing in April where you could be playing games for a few months and theres nothing but friendlys as thats what most teams will probably end up doing. I reckon if theres not much change come the middle of march then probably assess it then.
  2. The only difference in the 2 set ups is a bit of paper. The same protocols/procedures for covid are exactly the same. Just crazy, if they were getting tested the same as pro teams then fair enough but thats not happening.
  3. I take it the east of sctoland teams are being tested for covid twice a week now
  4. local outdoor informal exercise such as walking, cycling, golf, or running (in groups of up to 6 people, plus any children under 12, from no more than 2 households) that starts and finishes at the same place (which can be up to 5 miles from the boundary of your local authority area) Then if you look at the guidlines from safa training is permitted.
  5. Could go from tier 4 to tier 2. Up north went from tier 1 to tier 4. I cant see them doing that but you never know. Training (non contact) is still allowed and travel still allowed within your region
  6. Aye , I cant see anything changing in the near future but hopefully it will at some point for summer football. EOS teams are playing. Amateur players are now playing for these teams with exact same protocols that amateur teams had before it was stopped.
  7. Has it been presented to them before by an association? Maybe the clubs in fife should get together and take it forward.
  8. Definately not great news but even come end of march if games can be played theres plenty time to finish the season, even if it goes into the summer months.
  9. I understand pittenweem and keltys position on this due to no wages and I would maybe be in the same mind set if I was self employed just incase it happened again especially coming up to Xmas. Has any other teams apart from our league been in the same scenario in Scotland??
  10. Think he is being sarcastic. Some teams must be doing it.
  11. Yes course they will go play elsewhere
  12. Course there not exempt but this could go on for years until a vaccine is found so need to find a way of coping with it until that happens. Cant keep pulling plugs on everything. I wonder if it was the players choice to not play? I seriously doubt that. It would have most probably been money and not being able to pay them which would have been the issue more than anything else.
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