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  1. A dragon would definately not invest into that. "I'm out"
  2. Shocking but is what it is. Hopefully were all back training mid july is mor important. Think any ammie players been put on furlough?
  3. Thats embarrassing that. Even if u did get paid u wouldnt be going about saying that. Sounds like a right helmet
  4. I expect it's been all the top teams over years ur referring to? Must be some rich clubs out there being able to do that
  5. Totally agree bud but heard it's been happening for years whether it's being bought or givng people jobs ect. Shouldn't be happening
  6. Only 2 thats relegated now I believe.
  7. but slightly longer than yours at st monans??
  8. If its null and void just play the season with the 10-11-18 for a season. As I said does it really matter as long as were back kicking the white sphere
  9. It's very bizarre circumstances and I know null and void you wouldnt usually be able to do it but if the need to reconstruct the leagues this would be the only way or as you say 10-11-18 but does it really matter. At the end of the day as long as everyone is going to be back playing and training. Missing the football, training, playing and banter is hurting the most. Hopefully come july/august will see us back.
  10. I think if its null and void and the restructure does happen they could still use the teams who were in position(using what would be the average points) to be promoted the chance to still do so. It's either that or have the leagues stay the same for one season with new teams being added into the bottom then restructure the following season.
  11. Really strange that null and void isn't an option. Anyone know why? The 3rd option really isn't an option is it because of players registrations and dates they fall on? What happens if not many teams vote or is it mandatory that they vote.
  12. What's the point in doing that? Leagues are already there so just need to establish how the seasons ends and what teams come in to adjust leagues..
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