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  1. Used to be some decent banter on here back then. Now it's gone to sh@t. Hopefully once the season starts will get some of that back.
  2. wheres big jan when you need him
  3. The data chats boring. Intelligence, he is MI5 by the sounds of it. Cant wait for him to give us the update on the BBC soon.
  4. As I said enjoy living you're shell
  5. Nobody's taking anything the wrong way. I have openly said if it happens it happens but we're just getting on with what we can do now. If it gets stopped it gets stopped as we did last time. Your wanting football stopped , stopping football isn't going to make much difference to what's happening regarding figures but I'll leave it there. Enjoy the sheltered life for a while
  6. you talk some shite but your entitled to your opinion. What would you suggest we do then Mr data?
  7. Well if that happens it happens but at the moment we can only go on what we're being told and games are being played, league is due to start and we move beyond level 0 in August. Your definately correct, I'm not the sharpest tool in the box but you definately need to read the data again as it might look like I'm a bit sharper than you. It's great seeing everyone back playing football again and I'm positive we will be back to the sponsors soon for a pint after the game which I'm sure thats 100% is what all players want to do after a saturday afternoon playing the game.
  8. But you do know Level 1 we can still play league games. Enjoy studying the data.
  9. Paying attention to what? I'm pretty sure "soon" is in a short time but correct me if I'm wrong. If it happens it happens. I don't think it will though. I don't think I have said that amateur football is more important than seeing the NHS struggle but at the present moment games are being played and the season starts in August and life is slowly getting back to normal.
  10. Back to level 3 aye
  11. Didn't think you wanted football till all of this was gone
  12. Cupar vs Kelty off. Kelty can't get a team.
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