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  1. Cupar hearts havent applied for EOS.
  2. I imagine they might be thinking that if the tiers come back into place from the 26th we will be in tier 2 where contact sports can start.
  3. The league are supposed to be giving everyone a couple of weeks to play friendlies first so wouldn't start till June
  4. Might need to reduce the number of games in group sections to get our one played.
  5. yeah up to 15 ppl non contact.
  6. The league should release any players that are signed with the clubs who aren't playing. Easiest way to do it i reckon
  7. For what part? Football or pubs. Heard there's a free week for the England Vs Scotland game already
  8. Not as yet. If government guidance allows it will start in May, 9 Saturdays and 9 Tuesdays for the fixtures. 18 games in total possibly. Something positive to look forward to. Pubs back open then to so hopefully sponsors will see some income thru the doors to.
  9. So football back on the cards now in May?
  10. well aye it would be up to them if they want to play football or not as was the case when this season started. Players knew the risks/ protocols and that coronavirus was on the rise and there would be no changing facilities or showers. Players still wanted to play and teams fulfilled fixtures so I cant see much change in the players minds that they still want to play. The vaccine being rolled out now but the virus is not going away. There will be safety protocols in probably everything we do and everywhere we go from now on regardless of cases. Just hope were in a much better position come June and we can all look forward to dedicating a saturday to play/drink pints and have some sort of social interaction after games.
  11. So if theres no guarantee changing rooms and showers will be available for pre season, you won't be playing any friendlies or games until that happens? I'm confident that these issues will change but if they don't and they can't guarantee it I take it teams just won't play??
  12. Not playing a game of football cause you can't get a shower.There's surely no way the same protocols will be in place once everyone is vaccinated.
  13. Let's just hope that doesn't happen and we just resume when possible. Some guys won't even return when we do resume as they have been out that long and will call it a day.For all the people banging on about being safe, teams not adhering to the safety measures ect on here, I wonder how many of them have obeyed by all the rules for the year. Light at the end of a long and dark tunnel for many but hopefully whether it be April/May/June we are back at it.
  14. Definately bud. Will all go by data so hopefully as restrictions are lifted the cases/deaths carry on reducing and we get back as soon as possible.
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