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  1. Ooaasshhaaa fecker. Didn't see that happening.
  2. Welfare cruise through to the second round.
  3. Luncarty 3 Lochore 3. 24 hours after the event you realise it wasn't a bad game to watch. But, feck me, Welfare will be gutted they couldn't hang on to their 3-1 lead. A good away point but it feels like a defeat. Welfare scorers were John Ford, Greig Renton and Craig McGuire
  4. More money for Lochore. Under 23 rule
  5. I'm bringing the boots with me, panic over⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
  6. Scotty, Harp committee let themselves down big style today. They were asked to call the police after their keeper punched John to the ground causing him to bang his head on one of the terracing steps. They refused to do this. Completely out of order on their behalf
  7. I'm sure there will be repercussions for Harp after this. Keeper was still being interviewed by police 45 minutes after the final whistle. Jesus Christ, a player cannot get away with assaulting the opposition Chairman. This should be a sine die case. Anyone that knows our Chairman, will know he is one of the most genuine guys in junior football. He certainly didn't deserve this today
  8. Both won, think a few guys had this as a double tonight
  9. Trying to get my shift covered Joe, might make it yet👍
  10. Committee told me it was on 2 hours ago but I've heard it's been monsoon conditions since then
  11. First predictions of the season for The North League: Arbroath 2 Brechin 0 East Craigie 1 Downfield 3 Forfar Alb 0 Kirriemuir 2 Kennoway 2 Thornton 1 Lochore 4 Kirkcaldy 0 Newburgh 2 Luncarty 2 Scone 1 Blairgowrie 2 Welfare top of the table after one game 😉😉😉
  12. Warm up for the first league match
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