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  1. Maybe right but still the age old problem of Sainty Uni starting late so it means a fixture for one of the championship sides who would have been free. Hopefully one of the other teams no playing for them to play a team in another league asked for a free. No idea though!
  2. Both set ups went on far too long anyway this season. It's amateur football and the boys want a break. 4 weeks off before the clubs are wanting you back for preseason, aye right!
  3. Don't know, Berti will have to tell you that one but I do know as you said it's a worthless fixture against you guys in which you would struggle to get a team to come up on a Thursday. Maybe this way if it doesn't affect the top two positions it means you guys wouldn't get a fine if you failed to field a team!
  4. I don't see the point in playing the game although I thought the outcome might decide who was first or second between the swallows and rosyth so not sure how quarters can be known and played first!!!
  5. That's Rosyth definitely promotedCongratulations. I take it Burntisland and bayside have to play each other twice? You might as well relax and play your fringe players in the cup matches now😜
  6. Can I ask why you pulled out the cup league if you're wanting friendlies?
  7. Kirkcaldy have pulled out of cup remember though
  8. Lot of respect to them. Run us ragged at time with only eleven players. We were lucky!
  9. Star weren't in Kingdom league when they won Scottish were they? Sure they were in Kirkcaldy and District league. there was no kingdom league when star won the scottish FAKE NEWS
  10. 74 at the last count...
  11. So why are teams being promoted if its a new set up ? Are you saying there should be no promotion It's not technically promotion though is it if it's a brand new set up. It is just how the majority of clubs have best decided to allocate the teams into the new set up. They have decided the top to teams in the Championship merit a place in the new top league. Maybe a decision they took in the name of sporting integrity.
  12. I'm confused with this 'relegation' pish. It's a whole new set up and committee etc so nobody is being relegated no?
  13. Nae drinking on a Saturday night boys. 7 and 7 with two promoted!
  14. Think you'll find we were represented and as there is a little thing called a telephone that allowed our representative to keep me up to date both vocally and by sending pictures of the proposal.Like Jimmy we are happy to go with the majority. i dont think you or sirboss should have any input on this subject as yous could not be arsed attending the most important meeting in fife ammie football for years. Berti is in the States/Mexico (Went for the job of National Security Advisor, got the wall building job).
  15. Thistle game was two weeks ago and park was wrecked. The game wasn't one for the purists I heard!
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