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  1. Cheers Baz. Some result yourselves mate coming back from 3-1 down. We were 2-0 down after 21 mins gifting them two goals although we should’ve been a couple of goals ahead at that point. They totally lost their discipline and got a man sent off before half-time for a headbutt. They should’ve had a second man sent off early in the second half when Devaney was taken out when clean through but the ref only showed a yellow. It was the only thing the ref got wrong - he was outstanding otherwise. We dominated the second half and got back on level terms with 20 to go. They came back into it a bit after the equaliser but they lost their discipline further after another incident with another man sent off - not sure if it was another headbutt or for raising his hands as didn’t see it with only 3 minutes to go. I brought a striker on with 7 mins to go and it was him that fired home the winner in the last minute. Definitely the most dirty team we have played against in a long time. They were very dangerous going forward and although had a 2-0 lead felt we were the better side before the first sending off but Ill discipline cost them massively regardlessly. Makes such a difference when have 16 boys available and that includes still missing a few regular starters.
  2. As we are the club that have signed Pete, I can understand why DUFC are not happy to have learned that a player can release themself without the club being advised directly by the player in the first instance however the league registration secretary (valdas) has acted upon the information he has been told and has followed the procedures he has been told by the SAFA therefore nothing has been done incorrectly. When Pete contacted me asking if he could be involved with us, all questions were asked. I suggested to Pete that he contacts DUFC to ask to get released but also made him aware that he no longer needed to do that and could ask the league directly. Having spoke to Pete at our game on Sunday, he made it clear it was a very difficult decision in deciding to leave, having being involved with DUFC for many years and he did not take the decision lightly but felt it was the right time for him to make a move. Personally, I think as he had made his mind up on wanting to join us and having come to take the decision to move club that he felt very awkward in being able to discuss how he felt directly with DUFC therefore took an easier decision to contact the league instead and although I would prefer for any player looking to move on to contact me directly, if they go down this route then so be it. Therefore, the process started and it took 4 days (not 24 hours as suggested). I can understand DUFC’s annoyance at being told this way however the fact is going forward, this can now happen to any club. The way I see it is that if a player wants to play for another team I would release them straight away anyway as they clearly want to be playing elsewhere and I wouldn’t look to hold them back even if it leaves a bit of a bitter taste.
  3. Dunfermline Town 6 Ciswo 2 The Empire 2 Bruce Arms 4 Novar Rovers United 7 Kinross Colts 1 Sky 2 Torleys 0 West Fife Albion 2 Dunfermline United 2 Wheatsheaf 1 Cairneyhill Athletic 3
  4. Longstone United 5 Glenrothes Rovers 6 Novar Rovers United 0 Meadowbank Wednesday 5 Wellesley 1 Yeoman 2 Athletico Rosyth 2 Styx 5
  5. Wheatsheaf 0 Sky 1 Bruce Arms 5 West Fife Albion 2 Dunfermline Town 1 Greenhill Thistle 3 The Empire 1 Haggs Tavern 6
  6. Harvester 5 West End 0 Harvester 4 Torleys 1 Harvester 2 Minto 1 That’s the results i’ve seen
  7. Sky F.C. have been let down for a friendly tomorrow. Have Inverkeithing High School booked for 11am ko. Please contact John on 07794028410 if able to play. Cheers
  8. Dunfermline United 1 Glenrothes Rovers 3 Novar Rovers United 1 Athletico Rosyth 4
  9. Sadly, not looking good for Hayfield Strollers. They only turned up with 6 men today :-(
  10. We played Crown Inn a few years ago in the Scottish Cup and were winning 7-0 at half-time. They had 10 men. They didn't play the second half. Result was put through as 7-0.
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