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  1. Baz_bruce

    results 21st oct 2018

    Well done to sky on progressing also.
  2. Baz_bruce

    results 21st oct 2018

    Never usually one to post on results threads but what an effort from us today. 3-1 down and down to 10 men at half time without playing any football and looking like we were heading out just as we did few weeks before in the Scottish. Must have been something in the half time oranges because everyone to a man was different class scoring 2 and keeping the back door shut to force penalties. Always a lottery but thankfully we progress to the next round.
  3. Baz_bruce

    Results Saturday 13th

    Heard eastvale 4-0 valleyfield. Gonna be close between these 2 with eastvale losing last week and still having to travel to valleyfield. Massive result for them this week though and a long way to go. Don’t know how the game went just seen the result on social media.
  4. Baz_bruce

    players releasing themsells

    Totally off topic but I’m still having problems accessing the league website. Is there any chance a member of the committee could pin all cup competitions at the top of the page? Full draws etc for us all to see. Thanks in advance.
  5. Baz_bruce

    players releasing themsells

    Quite a few teams in Dunfermline area mate. Yoeman atheltico rosyth bruce arms dunfermline united dunfermline town
  6. Baz_bruce

    players releasing themsells

    Who’s the player in question. I’m taking from the posts that it was a player from dufc?
  7. Baz_bruce

    KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday September 22

    The thing is when you get a lot of home games at the end of the season, they become midweeks and a lot of teams don’t go back midweek so the sponsors still suffer.
  8. I’ve seen someone from athletico Rosyth put their tie on fb. Does anybody have the full draw?
  9. Baz_bruce

    Link To League Website For Updates

    It worked before for my mobile Wattie however it isn’t anymore. Something must have changed for that to happen.
  10. Baz_bruce

    Results 26th aug

    West end bar 0-2 Lochore. Baz bruce goal ov the season. Thanks in advance lol
  11. Baz_bruce

    Link To League Website For Updates

    Link to the league website is still not letting me on. Can someone rectify the problem please?
  12. Baz_bruce


    Kinross colts 4-1 kennoway star
  13. Baz_bruce

    Link To League Website For Updates

    Is the website getting updated? I can’t seem to get on it.
  14. Baz_bruce

    League set up

    Once again read my above post ffs! Heard they are still going which is great to see.
  15. Baz_bruce

    League set up

    Whether they asked to come to you or you approached them is irrelevant. My point is a new team starts up from around the same area. Players from various teams not players who didn’t play then join that team. Therefore teams have to find replacements and sometimes fold. It isn’t a dig at Dunfermline town it’s just merely pointing out what happens nowadays.