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  1. Results Saturday 5th

    I applaud everything am soccer have grown to. Also fife thistle having 2 sides. The only thing I disagree with is when a players is suspended. I’ve heard if some have a match ban he can serve it in the morning for the b team at fife thistle and play in the afternoon for the first team. How much ov this is true I’m unsure as I’ve not played much Saturday football this season.
  2. Results Saturday 5th

    Think so bud similar to the old uni sides.
  3. Results 7th April

    Did Kinross colts not win 2-0?
  4. Games off thursday

    Bowhill 6-2 bayside. Park looked decent.
  5. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 10

    Best thing for away teams if desperate for a game to do is agree to pay half the astro. Can’t expect home teams to pay the whole bill unless they are the ones desperate to get the game played. Agree though Aaron lad everyone will be choking for a game.
  6. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday October 21

    To be fair Pete as you know yourself a lot ov cup games make it hard for that to happen. Although I do agree had it been 2/3 teams u still had to play but any one of 7 does make it silly. Even more so when it’s a local team you could play midweek at the end ov the season. Hope a don’t get a point against my name for voicing that opinion.
  7. Scores 9th

    Heard they won 2-0
  8. RJM Sports Scottish Amateur Cup

    Methilhill 3-4 kelty. Good result for your village side Pedro.
  9. Tuesday Results

    That's a personal grudge bud. I also wasn't there at the time so can't comment. But I'll post our result win, lose or draw and hopefully no see a comment like that in the future from a kelty man :-)
  10. Tuesday Results

    Sound abit bitter Pedro? Deserved the day. Ref booking boys for dissent when they ask why he's gave a foul. If he doesn't know that answer or doesn't want to answer just tell players to go away. Very poor. The only thing worse than that was every players for us today. Held our own first half. 2 quick goals start ov second half and we fell apart.
  11. Tuesday Results

    Burntisland 5-0 kelty
  12. Games off Wed 23rd

    Lochore 3-0 maltans
  13. Scores

    Kelty 6-0 kinross
  14. Scores

    St monans 1-4 kelty
  15. Friendly

    Aye they had 20 odd boys when we played them in a friendly last year with boys missing still.