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  1. Baz_bruce

    Link To League Website For Updates

    Is the website getting updated? I can’t seem to get on it.
  2. Baz_bruce

    League set up

    Once again read my above post ffs! Heard they are still going which is great to see.
  3. Baz_bruce

    League set up

    Whether they asked to come to you or you approached them is irrelevant. My point is a new team starts up from around the same area. Players from various teams not players who didn’t play then join that team. Therefore teams have to find replacements and sometimes fold. It isn’t a dig at Dunfermline town it’s just merely pointing out what happens nowadays.
  4. Baz_bruce

    League set up

    Athletico not threw the towel in yet. Previous lads got together and doing there bit. Hopefully they keep going. Be good to see.
  5. Baz_bruce

    League set up

    Heard athletico Rosyth have now folded. 2 late to make it one league? feel sorry for Kyle though, put loads ov effort into athletico winning a trophy last season. We look forward to new teams coming in but the thing is when a new team starts up like Dunfermline town they have took loads ov athletico players hence why they have folded. So we aren’t really gaining a new side.
  6. Baz_bruce

    League set up

    With yoeman supposedly calling it a day has there been another side promoted or are we gonna run with a 9 team premier again?
  7. Baz_bruce

    Looking for a team

    Previous teams?
  8. Baz_bruce

    Teams folding

    Bayside defo folded Pete. Russell joined bud at Rosyth juniors management team. Heard few players away there and a couple possibly going to swifts eos team. Only seen kingdom were looking for a new manager on here so unsure what’s happening with them.
  9. Baz_bruce

    Games today

    Yoeman v styx Mcphails v minto athletics Rosyth v weymss dufc v ciswo all 11am ko
  10. Baz_bruce

    F.C. Bayside

    Heard they have folded bud. Sign of the times.
  11. Baz_bruce

    F.C. Bayside

    Na bud. Enjoying playing for a few more years yet. You don’t get the same commitment from boys as you did years ago. You’ll know that yourself.
  12. Baz_bruce

    F.C. Bayside

    Just seen on Facebook that Russell has taken assistant manager job at Rosyth juniors alongside bud. Who’s taking over the coaching role at bayside?
  13. Baz_bruce

    New teams

    What about mcphails bud. Still gonna be there and do both?
  14. Baz_bruce

    New teams

    Thinking about going sats, babz?
  15. Baz_bruce

    Results Saturday 5th

    I applaud everything am soccer have grown to. Also fife thistle having 2 sides. The only thing I disagree with is when a players is suspended. I’ve heard if some have a match ban he can serve it in the morning for the b team at fife thistle and play in the afternoon for the first team. How much ov this is true I’m unsure as I’ve not played much Saturday football this season.