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  1. As title says guys, give me a pm for further details or if anyone knows anyone looking for a keeper (10 yr old) Cheers
  2. Think Tam will look to bring someone with management experience in alongside him !! Maybe wrong though! What's your opinion on Andy Healy mate? I'm pretty sure he would be a great addition. Known Ang for a good few yr and used to play against and with him, 1 thing you would get is commitment from him, just dont think hes the guy Tam would be looking for at this time
  3. Think Tam will look to bring someone with management experience in alongside him !! Maybe wrong though!
  4. Why would anyone change there family holiday for a junior international cap!!!! The guy is a joiner not a premiership football player who can just go and pay to change holiday plans!!!!
  5. Anybody had anything yet from here? If so whats the quality?
  6. When do the rest of the tickets go on sale?
  7. Right av never minded Kenny miller and quite liked him but ..... WHY THE F@CK is he in the squad!!!!!
  8. otam01

    Transfer Window

    So like Jimmy said!!!!! Surely people now know without you posting this post!!!
  9. otam01

    Kris Boyd

    If you think the 1st stupid post of 2013 has came midway through Jan you need ti be looking through this forum!!!!
  10. Cracking How's your boy doing mate? Still no great improvement bud, got some splints but still to see any benefit! Saying that he's a f@cking wee gem and you wouldny know he had any problems if hes just sitting there! Cheers for asking bud
  11. otam01

    New World Record

    This topic and the reason for it is why i come on here once in a f@cking blue moon!!!!!!!! And its always the same person/people who start them!!!!!
  12. EH!!!!!! Explain!! Chelsea drew at home, man city got beat ( with 35 shots on goal against!! ) and Man Utd only beat a mediocre Galatassary team 1-0!!!!!!!
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