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  1. flats flats glorious flats,its in the pink bus shelter we bide

  2. jambo14

    Hearts Crag Thomson

    wattie ,hes in breach of club discipline and his contract should be terminated from immediate effect ,its no the council hes working for neeb............. I never said he was innocent as of today I know he Is guilty and I said mcgregors case was dropped but I was meaning during court case he was innocent until proven guilty that's y hearts have kept him, as of now hearts have still to spk to him and I'm sure common sence will prevail and he will be sacked so stopped wearing u blue tinted glasses and think about ur own team and fans discipline as we do, I also couldn't have gve a crap wot mcgregors done or never done completely nothing to do with me and I never commented on it.
  3. jambo14

    Hearts Crag Thomson

    cmon jayjay ffs ,hes been talking to them for over a year ,the beast knew what age they were pete if he knew there age then quite rightly i would hang the cant, i was merely asking a question about facebook jayjay,i'd do time with a smile on my face if some ratbag pervert was grooming my daughter, yet the club stands by their man. Praise terrorists, try to pick up little kids online, mock the victims of a horrific accident at a football match, threaten to kill and injure footballers and refs..... all fine and acceptable it seems, but to sing offensive songs you'll get 5 years, makes perfect sense eh Where have u read hearts are officially standing by him like? or u just trying to stick the boot into the club aye coz ur a fpanny and only see the wrong in other clubs, did rangers stick by mcgragor wen he wa accused of rape lucky they did as it was dropped, now I never ever condon or agree with wot he did as he should be giving a jail sentence and a Long one at that but he was innocent until proven guilty, and if hearts have said they are officially standing by him I will be feeling sick and gutted and ashamed of wot they have done.
  4. jambo14

    Hearts Crag Thomson

    Hearts have kept him on as because he was innocent until proven guilty I believe he has still to be delt with by hearts as now he's guilty which I seriously hope he gets sacked which he wil be.
  5. iPhone 4 has a light and a flash and it's perfect for the phone calls and sending emails best phone out there by a mile
  6. jambo14


    I've heard hearts are about to unveil two new signings just waiting on approval from Romanov, morgaro gomis and prince buaben I really hope this is true also meant to add Lee Wallace will be a rangers player be4 season starts.
  7. Granton???? Lovely place Ever seen The Acid House? The Granton Star Cause - no nets, corner flags and they all wear sambas instead of boots!!!!!!!!! n.c.b play in newtongrange or mayfield nowhere near granton.
  8. Maybe the same boy who played for dalgety bay ams? nah i was with arniston rangers bout 7 years ago this is my first season for 3 and half years.
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