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  1. Bowhill 3 Kirkcaldy YM 1
  2. Hi could someone put up this sats fixtures please
  3. Why not phone and get another ref
  4. Well done Neil and all to pittenweem.What a great advert for the F.A.F.A to have 2 teams in the final of the biggest cup to be played for in Fife.
  5. Does that mean if a game goes to extra time or pens,the ref can just walk away and say i only get paid for 90 mins lol
  6. Welshy dissent by word or action is a booking
  7. H-t denbeath up 3-0.John Little 3 goals
  8. We were the same Serg,played the ciswo today and not one person from there club turned up to our sponsors pub when food was laid on.PISS OFF AND BAD SHOW FROM THEM and i can only say sorry to big Mark our sponsor
  9. It must be great that you are so great a player and play with one of the greatest sat ammie teams that you can come on here and slate players and refs that want to take part in sunday ammie football
  10. No Flecky i shouted nail him.If a player is going to ground every time someone comes near him and trying to get players a booking ,i beleave getting booked for something not for a player kidding on hes been hurt in a tackle
  11. Regardless if we're happy with a draw or not, no one celebrated it, we could have won it the last minute. Any team would be happy with a point against you's in the league, you's have won every game in the league you's have played till now, would be stupid not to be happy with a point. No matter what is said but this is only our second season and are still trying to build a team.This is the second week in a row where teams have play with 11 behind the ball it,s like a champions league match but that is up to auld house to break them down.Good luck to all teams in the league
  12. Well said Baz.Every time a team get beat its the refs fault.Players need to have a good look at themselfs and that goes for every team in the league.I was really pissed off with some of our players today at the stick they were giving the ref.If i had been reffing that game i would have booked atleast 6 players and maybe even a sending off for the stick they were giving out.Get a grip he is there to do a job just let him get on with it weather you think its right or wrong.Rant over.
  13. One of the best or if not the best footballer in Fife
  14. Everybody is going on about Minto not being able to get a team for the final.What about the other teams in the other semi,have they been asked if another date suits them NO.If the Bayview get to the final Bomber is away on holiday so should we wait until he is back to arrange a date.Answers on the back of a stamp please lol
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