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  1. Mariner

    Results 18th May

    Balgonie Scotia 4-2 Rosyth FC Congrats to Balgonie on winning the championship league Good luck in the Premiership
  2. Mariner

    North of tay semi final

    I agree
  3. Mariner

    Fife cup 17th May

    What was the final score??
  4. Rosyth FC 1- 4 Balgonie Scotia Well done to Scotia on doing the double.... Cup and League Champions All the best from Players and officials at Rosyth FC Good luck in the Premiership next season
  5. Mariner

    Results 4th May

    Rosyth FC 0-0 Kelty Ams
  6. Mariner

    Team kits Training gear etc

    Now doing the excellent Italian brand Zeus, some cracking stuff and superb prices
  7. Mariner

    Results 27th April

    Dysart 3-0 Rosyth FC
  8. Mariner

    Results 23rd April

    Leslie Hearts 0- 2 Rosyth FC
  9. Mariner

    Results 18/04/19

    Fife Cup Semi Final AM Soccer 4 - 1 Rosyth FC
  10. Mariner

    Results 13th April

    Rosyth 2 - 1 Kinross
  11. Mariner

    Team Folded

    It's not just commitment from players its also the cost of running a team
  12. Mariner

    Team kits Training gear etc

    Any clubs looking for new kits Training gear etc I have a close friend who has a team wear supply business Givova, Errea, Lunavi,Acerbis Give me a shout and I can give you info
  13. Mariner

    Results 6th April

    Championship cup Semi final Rosyth FC 3 - 0 Leslie Hearts
  14. Mariner

    Pitches off

    All council grass pitches in South West Fife area are off Venue for Semi final Rosyth v Leslie Hearts now changed game now being played at the Fleet Grounds Rosyth 2.00pm KO
  15. Mariner


    Was looking at punishment dished out to pro players god help them if they played Ams......we get hammered..... they'd never be playing