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  1. After game hospitality

    I suppose if you don't get any sponsorship there's no loyalty
  2. Results

    Well done to Athletico
  3. Bowhill

    Congratulations to all the players and officials at Bowhill
  4. Results Saturday 5th

    Surely can't sign for 2 clubs nor play as trialists?
  5. League cup final

    Congratulations to Leven
  6. Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    Throw your hat in the ring then mate
  7. Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    I don't envy the Fixture Sec's job but we go hell for leather playing Sat Tue Thurs Sat for a few weeks......then no games for 2 weeks
  8. Team wear

    New season Kits? Contact us for our selection Givova, Errea, Acerbis ans we can still get Zeus & Legea Remember we do the whole package Team wear Training wear printing & Embroidery Contact me
  9. Results Saturday 21st

    Pittenweem Rvrs 1 -0 Rosyth AFC
  10. Results Tuesday 10th

    Kingdom Ath 5-2 Rosyth AFC
  11. League Tables @ 7th April

    I take it Rosyth have already been relegated to league far far away
  12. Results Saturday 7th

    Lumphinans Utd 1-4 Rosyth AFC
  13. Paying for player

    Is an U20's team not in the SYFA set up??
  14. Game off

    Rosyth AFC v AM Soccer Game off, AM Soccer have a free week
  15. Sat 17th Games off

    Rosyth AFC v AM Soccer....................game off