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  1. Have a look at these for a club web site
  2. So as we know the decision has been made so whats the next move for the association ?????
  3. Seen on internet.........our league???? Greater Glasgow Premier AFL @GGPAFL · 21 May The League has agreed to reduce league fees for existing clubs to £100, not payable until the 31st December. We will also give every club £130 to cover SAFA affiliation fees and insurance, even if these fees are reduced by the SAFA, every club will still receive the full £130.
  4. I believe he wanted apply for the match secretary pos'n
  5. We agree If he's willing to step up to the mark then we're all for it If he wants we'll propose him and give him a chance to be considered
  6. Hi Found this set up whilst browsing £1 per month Not a bad set up for the price Once this lot finishes we'll be using https://www.theclubhq.com/welcome
  7. That sounds like a plan......go for it fella at least give it a season
  8. Don't agree with the bit No 5 in the proposal about relegating 4 teams after 1 season why promote teams then relegate 4 after 1 season WHY???? Do the changes........ every one knows where they stand for the new season........... change the local rule in the constitution because if it stands then we will always be bound by it with no flexibility to suit our Assoc needs and adjust this is the only set up I've been in where there is no actual flexibility to allow us to adjust I think No 5 should be altered ASAP
  9. I think if you read the info/data supplied going to null and void isn't really fair on those new clubs who joined last season and who've done well especially if they have to go back to being 'new clubs ' with no stats/data May be the Assoc can supply how the leagues look with their interpretation of average points league placing would look like?
  10. 9 new teams.......who are they? and have they sent back their league documents?
  11. Sure circumstances make things different in these times Again the Assoc is for the clubs and not individuals
  12. Sad to hear Condolences to his family
  13. I agree but it at least gives a visual option what it could look like
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