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  1. Mariner

    Results Sat 11th Aug

    Methilhill 1 -3 Rosyth FC
  2. Mariner

    New Season Fixtures

    When do we get the 1st set of fixtures out?
  3. Mariner

    New clubs

    Was on Facebook that Valleyfield were submitting a team
  4. Mariner

    New clubs

    I take it that Eastvale is the only new team joining the Assoc for the new season
  5. Mariner

    Contact info

    Anyone got the contact for Duloch, the named 1 Jamie doesn't do it anymore
  6. Mariner

    F.C. Bayside

    Good to hear
  7. Mariner

    F.C. Bayside

    So Kingdom have folded??
  8. Mariner

    New Teams for 2018/19

    Are the Swifts putting in a Sat Ams team as well as EOS set up??
  9. Mariner


    Looking at the paperwork to complete for next season I see there's a part where we need to complete information on sponsors As a matter of interest is there a reason behind this?
  10. Mariner

    After game hospitality

    I suppose if you don't get any sponsorship there's no loyalty
  11. Mariner


    Well done to Athletico
  12. Mariner


    Congratulations to all the players and officials at Bowhill
  13. Mariner

    Results Saturday 5th

    Surely can't sign for 2 clubs nor play as trialists?
  14. Mariner

    League cup final

    Congratulations to Leven
  15. Mariner

    Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    Throw your hat in the ring then mate