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  1. Mariner

    Results Saturday 13th

    Rosyth 1-2 Methillhill & East Fife Strollers
  2. Mariner

    Scottish Cup Results

    East Kilbride YM 8-0 Rosyth FC Not at the races today and well beaten by a good side...................enjoying the rest of the day out
  3. Mariner


    All the best to all the Kingdom of Fife AFA teams in the Scottish cup this Sat
  4. Mariner

    Scottish Cup

    Hi Whats the rules re kick off times in the Scottish, I thought all were 2pm ko's?
  5. Mariner

    Strathmiglo Utd

    so correct me if I'm wrong Strath folded, what happened to Kingdom and St Monans or was it a 1 off being unable to field teams?
  6. Mariner

    Results Sat 29th Sept

    Kinross 2-3 Rosyth FC
  7. Mariner

    Strathmiglo Utd

    Yep that's another knock on affect as you say What doesn't help is the financial outlay and when did we really get any support from the SFA ie subsidised coaching courses etc Pitch hire and training facilities prices going up not to mention trying to source sponsors What players don't see is what goes on behind the scenes in running a club
  8. Mariner

    Strathmiglo Utd

    It's sad to see teams fold Ams football has changed alot, commitment, paying for facilities sponsorship etc etc and also losing players When a manager moves to another team and takes players with him it smacks in the face of loyalty..........we all Also when your team produces good players and other teams come along and take them off you as well.........even some top ams teams can offer signing incentives no doubt The jnr football has lost its money so they need an alternative which means raiding the ams ranks
  9. Mariner

    players releasing themsells

    That I understand but where did it come from where a player can call the Assoc Reg Sec and get released?
  10. Mariner

    players releasing themsells

    We have a release form on our Assoc web site which we can download and use
  11. Mariner

    players releasing themsells

    According to KoFAFA this doesn't apply to us Form still required Surely if it an SAFA rule then it should be across the board
  12. Mariner

    Scottish cup - travel

    Cheers who's that number for?
  13. Mariner

    Scottish cup - travel

    Looking for contacts for Mini Coach hire for our jaunt to East Kilbride
  14. Mariner

    Scottish Cup

    The club has a bye in this round so all the very best to all KoFAFA clubs in the cup this Sat
  15. Mariner

    Results 28th Aug

    Rosyth 3-3 Kinross