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  1. Games on Sat 16th Dec

    Even at this early part of the week, it'll need a good thaw for games to goad ahead on Sat
  2. Players?

    What area do you live?
  3. Results 18th Nov

    Fife Cup Rosyth AFC 3-6 Leven Utd Can't give a team a 3-0 lead, some mistakes by the keeper as well
  4. SAFA

    I agree for grass roots football and I mean amateur football cost alot not just the SAFA asking for monies but pitch hire, training venues etc I personally think we have seen no real contribution from them When did we see 'free coaching courses? reduction in fees to support clubs? Pitch and changing room support? Travel? Refs fees etc etc which no doubt will all be subject to review I think the team insurance system is poor and what real support does it give? pennies rather than £££'s The SFA get sponsorship from large companies so when does it filter down Mine like others clubs will seriously think about continuing and in fact may be forced to fold It's getting harder every year I think as a league we should say no
  5. results 4/11

    Rosyth AFC 0-2 Bowhill Rvrs AFC
  6. worst pitch

    Exactly not our fault pitch is the size it is
  7. Game off Sat 21st

    Rosyth AFC v Leven Utd AFC Game off, pitch waterlogged, put off by council
  8. Results

    AM Soccer 3-2 Rosyth AFC
  9. Results

    Scottish cup Replay Rosyth AFC 2-3 Raploch Hearts after extra time
  10. Results

    Raploch Hearts AFC 2-2 Rosyth AFC
  11. Amateur game

    I agree and it's the cost in running teams,getting sponsors etc etc, I also feel let down by the national bodies, when did we see any substantial investment? state of facilities ,free coaching courses.......
  12. Results 23/09/17

    Markinch 1- 6 Rosyth AFC
  13. Results

    Rosyth AFC 2-1 Strahmiglo Utd .......Rosyth's 1st win
  14. Teams Folding

    Sad to hear Denbeath are calling it a day, just shows even established teams suffer, may not be the last before the start of the new season.....on the plus side there is still a healthy amount of teams in the new association set up
  15. Teamwear Kits, Training Gear Etc

    Contact me for the current deals ie basic kits (15 & GK), 16 rain jackets, match ball, training balls x 3, water bottles x 8 All printed & numbered starting from £600 Contact us for all team requirements and we've just teamed up with another Italian manufacturer Legea http://scotiateamwear.webs.com/ Team wear partners: Errea Givova Zeus Acerbis Luanvi Legea