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  1. Lets look at it We're in Tier 4 till end of Jan maybe mid Feb then if we drop down to Tier 3 we still won't be allowed to play so going to be a challenge Maybe we should go to Dubai like Celtic which is a farce and we can't even play in our own league
  2. From all the players and officials of Rosyth FC lets hope in 2021 we can start playing again
  3. According to the Govt broadcast travel is for essential needs only ie work to care for someone and for essential shopping......and training????
  4. So I take it now that we're in Tier 4 no travelling to training allowed (essential travel only) leisure centres shut and no sign of games being restarted seeing as if and when we move from Tier 4 we'll move to Tier 3 which will still mean no games. I suppose the challenge will be if council run pitches etc will stay up and be maintained etc if we go into summer Going to be interesting
  5. Won't be allowed to train Essential travel only in Tier 4
  6. Another spanner in the works, Lock down in Jan 2021 and I suppose after Tier 4 we'll be back into tier 3 for however long.............going to be a challenge
  7. Any games? off today with the weather
  8. I doubt if we'll have any cups this season
  9. So no car sharing now...............going to be interesting
  10. Even if we get the season's fixtures out and put 'provisional' dates alongside them It gives clubs like us to provisionally book pitches and get them cut & lined.......trying to be proactive
  11. Seen that they must have given a directive
  12. Thats a good league set up and informative web site
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