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  1. Results

    AM Soccer 3-2 Rosyth AFC
  2. Results

    Scottish cup Replay Rosyth AFC 2-3 Raploch Hearts after extra time
  3. Results

    Raploch Hearts AFC 2-2 Rosyth AFC
  4. Amateur game

    I agree and it's the cost in running teams,getting sponsors etc etc, I also feel let down by the national bodies, when did we see any substantial investment? state of facilities ,free coaching courses.......
  5. Results 23/09/17

    Markinch 1- 6 Rosyth AFC
  6. Results

    Rosyth AFC 2-1 Strahmiglo Utd .......Rosyth's 1st win
  7. Teams Folding

    Sad to hear Denbeath are calling it a day, just shows even established teams suffer, may not be the last before the start of the new season.....on the plus side there is still a healthy amount of teams in the new association set up
  8. Teamwear Kits, Training Gear Etc

    Contact me for the current deals ie basic kits (15 & GK), 16 rain jackets, match ball, training balls x 3, water bottles x 8 All printed & numbered starting from £600 Contact us for all team requirements and we've just teamed up with another Italian manufacturer Legea http://scotiateamwear.webs.com/ Team wear partners: Errea Givova Zeus Acerbis Luanvi Legea