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  1. Zoom meeting on Wed 30th
  2. I doubt if we'll have any cups this season
  3. So no car sharing now...............going to be interesting
  4. Even if we get the season's fixtures out and put 'provisional' dates alongside them It gives clubs like us to provisionally book pitches and get them cut & lined.......trying to be proactive
  5. Seen that they must have given a directive
  6. Thats a good league set up and informative web site
  7. Hi I take it there's no fixtures been released yet? I take it fixture sec could produce the whole seasons fixtures and just change dates if and when cups come in...............if any
  8. Ha like the Hillfield Swifts comment
  9. I thought friendlies have been given the go ahead as from 11th Sept?
  10. Hi Am I reading correctly we can only play teams in our Assoc or any teams in Fife????
  11. Never mind changing rooms need to get a pitch 1st
  12. Next thing is getting pitches for friendlies and season start
  13. Lets hope we get the permission from our Assoc Sec who will no doubt get info from the SAFA
  14. We knew this was going to happen so no doubt push the start day back as well
  15. Not open for games yet Rosyth FC (Snrs EoS league) have applied to move there for their home ground they have money left over from the sale of their pitch to Lidl All depends if the head office in London will allow as they need to do a lot of work to get it accepted for playing Snrs Not allowed to adapt the pavilion at the Fleet grounds so have a yr to sort a ground out We too have applied for it as well their groundsman doesn't want adult teams playing up there as they wreck the pitches
  16. I wonder then if pitches will be available?
  17. I see on Twitter some clubs in the west saying provisionally 12th Sept for friendlies Wonder when the council will open up pitches and I wonder what refs have been told?
  18. God knows..........If they get caught before permission given by SAFA they should be heavily punished and so should ref's who officiate the game
  19. And thanks to over paid footballers who don't do as they're told things could now pushed back yet again
  20. Let's move all games to the beaches................at least you'll have a crowd
  21. With the possibility of the return of football ramping up Friendlies in Sept I wonder what Fife council will do with pitches being made available/cut/marked ?
  22. So 14 teams in Div 1 now
  23. I take there are no dates aligned to the stages https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/grassroots-football-update-29-july-covid-19/
  24. some info from England.....things are moving down there https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53455039
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