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Charity Match

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A charity match will be taking place at Benarty Amatuers this Sunday 2nd June with a 2pm ko. The entry will be free, although we do ask if you can afford to that you make a wee donation.



The match will be between Fife referees and their Angus & Perthshire counterparts. This will be the 5th year of the match taking place. Fife have won all 4 previous matches.



A few guys on both sides have played pro-youth, junior and a decent level of amateur so some "decent" players will be on show....but don't worry we have plenty cluggers to counter balance any finesse that will be displayed.



The money will be split in half and donated to two families who have lost loved ones recently. They will be the family of young Gregor Smith, who was a keen youth footballer and tragically passed away earlier this year. The other family will be that of Stuart McPhee, who I am sure a lot of you will remember passed away after suffering heart complications during a game a couple of years ago. It won't be a lot of money or compensate their emotions at all after their respective losses, but we just hope it can be used by them to contribute to a happier event for the respective families in the future.



We would love to have you along on the day, but any bad behaviour or unnecessary abuse (above and beyond a bit of sledging which we will allow as relative pay back for any dodgy decisions over the course of this season!!) will not be tolerated and you will be asked to leave.



A massive thank you to Benarty AFC for allowing us to use their ground on the day and for laying on food for us. I am sure the club would welcome you for refreshment in their social club throughout the course of the afternoon.



Many thanks,



Fife and Angus & Perthshire referees.



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