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Who do we want?


Pot 1: Spain, Germany, Italy, England, Holland, Portugal, Greece, Russia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Pot 2: Ukraine, Croatia, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Hungary, Republic of Ireland.

Pot 3: Serbia, Turkey, Slovenia, Israel, Norway, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Poland.

Pot 4: Montenegro, Armenia, Scotland , Finland, Latvia, Wales, Bulgaria, Estonia, Belarus.

Pot 5: Iceland, Northern Ireland, Albania, Lithuania, Moldova, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Cyprus.

Pot 6: Luxembourg, Kazakhstan, Liechtenstein, Faroe Islands, Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Gibraltar.

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Republic of Ireland






Some picks are for football reasons and others are for the trip away :cheers:

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Khazakstan for an away day....you really are trying to expand your horizons colin ha ha

That has been my dream tie for years and still it has never happened :(

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