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Kincardine Old Firm Fundraiser - The Final Push

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We are once again having an Old Firm football match to try and raise the final £5000 needed for this family.


The game will take place hopefully on 12th April in Kincardine 1pm kick off.


There will be a raffle after it with numerous prizes, signed Rangers and NI top and plenty alcohol.


If anybody can help with anything whether it be money, raffle prize or even just coming to support the match it would be greatly appreciated.


The deadline for the family to raise this money is 22nd April. (Planning permission)







Eilidh's condition cannot be cured, its life limiting, and is unfortunately, in Eilidh's case, progressive. We are not trying to find a cure; there isn't one. Our aim is to give this little girl and her family, the best quality of life possible. There is no government help or attributed charity because the condition is so rare - 60 cases worldwide in the last 25 yrs. What a cruel twist of fate it would be to have two kids, with the exact same genetic mutation .... that's what we're up against. Cailean (Eilidh's younger brother is currently waiting on referral to Great Ormond Street)


Thanks to all our FB friends who have given time, money, support and well wishes to Eilidh, Cailean, Rhona and Craig. As most of you will know, we've been trying to raise enough money to build an extension onto Craig and Rhona's home, in order to facilitate adequate sterile areas, in which Eilidh's medical needs can be met. This is by no means an easy feat, and without the support of the local, and indeed extended communities, we certainly wouldn't have gotten as far as we have. Unfortunately we are still around 5k short of our target, and with Eilidh currently being admitted again on sepsis protocol, the need for this area/equipment is even more urgent. We are also planning an all day "bands" event on Easter Sunday, a Spring Fayre, and a charity walk/run at a date yet to be confirmed. If anyone can help with raffle prizes for these events, we would be eternally


Eilidhs bowel does not work properly and consequently the team at Great Ormond Street Hospital and Yorkhill Hospital decided that along with her PEG, a stoma, would be the only way to decompress eilidhs tummy and elevate some of her pain. She has an ileostomy. An ileostomy is a surgical procedure to link the end of the small intestine to an opening in the tummy.


In an ileostomy, the end of the small intestine (the ileum) is disconnected from the colon (large intestine) and re-routed through a hole made in the tummy, which is known as a stoma. An external bag (stoma bag) is attached to the opening to collect waste products.


This has done a good job at decompressing Eilidh but unfortunately as her bowel has so much pressure and wind it is still often distended although not to the same extent as before. The pressure has caused Eilidhs stoma to prolapse (intestines come through the stoma and into her pouch) on numerous occasions. It has prolapsed out up to 18cm in double thickness so 36cm of her bowel has come through her tummy wall. Since May 2013, her stoma has had to be re operated on twice when they could not manipulate her intestines back into her tummy. At each revisal of her stoma, part of her small intestine has to be removed.

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This game will now take place on May 10th. 1pm kick off.


Have over £1000 raised so far with loads to come in from players and raffle/auction.



Looking for raffle prizes whether it be a bottle, penant or even a polo shirt from your supporters club. Anything is appreciated.

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The game is this Friday 6.30/45 kick off.


We are having a raffle aswell with some cracking prizes.


Few action things aswell of anybody interested.


Signed Rangers top - current bid £50




Signed Celtic top - current bid £150. (Will get pic ASAP)


Round of golf for 4 at Tulliallan - current bid £45


Meal for 2 and overnight stay at Airth Castle - current bid £70


Auctions will close around 8.30 in the Bridge bar, Kincardine after the game.

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After last nights efforts the family have reached there target and will be able to build the sterile extension so Eilidh can be treated safely from home.

well done everybody

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