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7th Ballot 25/2/18 to 18/3/18

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Sunday 25/2/18    Fife Sunday Trophy 90mins+pens      
    2nd Round        
Steadings 2-2 Wheatsheaf 4-2 pens 11am D Campbell  
    League Cup 2nd Rnd 90 mins + pens      
Yeoman P Minto Lounge Townhill OFF Due 4/3/18   
    JS Anderson Cup 90 mins + pens      
    2nd Round        
Dunfermline United 0-3 McPhails Pitreavie 11am A Scott  
    Premier League        
Lochore Castle P Styx Dallas Doyle OFF S Campbell  
Torleys P Bogarts Moore Park OFF I Gilfillan  
    2nd Division        
Ciswo P Novar Rovers Utd Warout Park OFF D Hope  
Wemyss Thistle 1-6 Bruce Arms Coaltown of Wemyss 1pm J Campbell  
West End Bar 2-2 Athletico Rosyth Dalgety Bay (Astro) 12-30pm C Pounder  
Sky 2-1 Glenrothes Rovers Dalgety Bay 11am A Duncan  
Free Carousel Utd            
Idle Maltings            
Sunday 4/3/18    Fife Sunday Trophy 90mins+pens      
    1/4 Final        
Styx v Dunfermline Utd Beveridge Park 11am D Campbell  
    League Cup  90 mins + pens      
    1/4 Final        
Ciswo v Lochore Castle Warout Park 11am

D MacKinnon






League Cup 2nd Rd

Minto Lounge

90mins + pens





A Duncan

    Premier League        
Maltings v Bogarts Queen Anne H/School 11am J Campbell  
McPhails v Torleys Savoy Park 11am N Martin  
    2nd Division        
Bruce Arms v Steadings Limekilns 11am C Pounder  
Glenrothes Rovers v Wheatsheaf Warout Park 11am S Campbell  
Wemyss Thistle v Athletico Rosyth Coaltown of Wemyss 1pm T Richmond  
West End Bar v Sky Halbeath 11am B McLaren  
Idle Carousel Utd / Novar Rovers        
Sunday 11/3/18    Fife Sunday Trophy 90mins+pens      
    1/4 Final        
Minto Lounge v Steadings/Wheatsheaf Moore Park 11am C Flucker Prov
    JS Anderson Cup 90 mins + pens      
    2nd Round        
Yeoman v Novar Rovers Townhill 11am A Scott  
    Premier League        
Maltings v Lochore Castle Queen Anne H/School 11am J Stewart  
Styx P Bogarts Beveridge Park 11am OFF  
    2nd Division        
Dunfermline Utd v Steadings/Wheatsheaf Pitreavie 11am D Hope Prov
Athletico Rosyth v Bruce Arms Rosyth Institute 11am D Campbell  
West End Bar P Wemyss Thistle Halbeath 11am OFF  
Glenrothes Rovers v Carousel Utd Warout Park 11am A Duncan  
Free McPhails / Torleys / Ciswo / Bogarts /   West End Bar      
Idle Sky / Styx  Wemyss Thistle            
Sunday 18/3/18    East of Scotland        
    Semi - Final        
Yeoman     TBC TBC TBC Prov
    Fife Sunday Trophy 90mins+pens      
    1st Round        
Sky P Yeoman Dalgety Bay 11am D MacKinnon OFF
    JS Anderson Cup 90 mins + pens      
Minto Lounge v Carousel Utd Moore Park 11am C Pounder  
    Premier League        
Bogarts v Lochore Castle Ravenscraig 11am N Martin  
Maltings v McPhails Queen Anne H/School 11am A Duncan  
    2nd Division        
Athletico Rosyth v Glenrothes Rovers Rosyth Institute 11am B McLaren  
Bruce Arms v Novar Rovers Utd Limekilns 11am J Campbell  
Ciswo v West End Bar Warout Park 11am C Flucker  
Wemyss Thistle v Dunfermline Utd Coaltown of Wemyss 1pm C Wilson  
Wheatsheaf v Steadings Randolph Park 11am S Campbell  
Idle Torleys / Styx / Sky            
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