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1st Ballot 25/10/20 to 22/11/20

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All Football Cancelled until further notice


 Fife Sunday Amateur Football League

Sun 25th October   East League Ground Time Referee Notes
White Heather 4-1 Dynamo KB Beveridge Park 11am N Martin  
Ciswo 5-3   Bayview Thistle Dovecot Park 11am A Watt  
Weavers 1-5  FC Brig Beveridge Park 11am D Chapple  
Fife Arms 1-3 Kingdom Rovers Randolph Park 11am B McLaren  
Idle Cowdenbeath Colts          
    West League        
Cowdenbeath Utd 3-0  Dunfermline Town Violet Park 11am T Richmond  
Yeoman 5-3 Rosyth Sundays Bellyeoman Park 11am J Stewart  
Bruce Arms 0-4 Lochore Castle Limekilns 11am S Clark  
Sky 9-0 Athletico FC Dalgety Bay 1pm G Wilson  
Sun 1st Nov   East League        
Cowdenbeath Colts 4-6 White Heather Violet Park 11am D Chapple  
Bayview Thistle 1-4 Weavers New Bayview 10-30am I Wilson  
FC Brig 9-1 Fife Arms Savoy Park 11am C Flucker  
Kingdom Rovers 4-0 Dynamo KB Myers Park 11am J Campbell  
Idle Ciswo            
    West League        
Bruce Arms 0-2 Dunfermline Town Limekilns Reversed 11 noon S Campbell   
Rosyth Sundays 3-2 Sky Rosyth Institute 12 noon G Campbell  
Lochore Castle P Yeoman Dallas Doyle 1pm A Duncan OFF  
Cowdenbeath Utd 6-2 Athletico FC Violet Park  Reversed 1pm A Scott  
Sun 8th Nov   East League        
Cowdenbeath Colts 3-3 Ciswo Violet Park 11am N Martin  
Weavers 4-2 Kingdom Rovers Beveridge Park 11am B McLaren  
Fife Arms 4-3 White Heather Randolph Park 11am G Wilson  
Dynamo KB 5-1 Bayview Thistle Savoy Park 11am C Pounder  
Idle FC Brig            
    West League        
Bruce Arms 6-2 Rosyth Sundays Limekilns 11am T Richmond  
Sky 3-2 Dunfermline Town Dalgety Bay 1pm J Stewart  
Yeoman 3-1 Athletico FC Dalgety Bay 1pm D Chapple  
Lochore Castle 1-0 Cowdenbeath Utd Dallas Doyle 1pm S Campbell  
Sun 15th Nov   East League        
FC Brig v Cowdenbeath Colts Savoy Park 11am A Duncan  
White Heather v Bayview Thistle Beveridge Park 11am S Clark  
Ciswo v Weavers Dovecot Park 11am C Flucker  
Fife Arms v Dynamo KB Randolph Park 11am D Hope  
Kingdom Rovers          v Buckhaven United     Myers Park Kinghorn  11am       C Pounder  
    West League        
Cowdenbeath Utd v Yeoman Violet Park 11am G Campbell  
Sky v Bruce Arms Dalgety Bay 1pm A Scott  
Dunfermline Town v Rosyth Sundays Park Road Primary 12 noon I Wilson  
Athletico FC v Lochore Castle Dulloch Park 11am D Chapple  
Sun 22nd Nov   East League        
Kingdom Rovers v Ciswo Myers Park 11am D Hope  
Bayview Thistle v Cowdenbeath Colts King George V 11am T Richmond  
White Heather v Weavers Beveridge Park 11am A Watt  
Dynamo KB v FC Brig Savoy Park 11am J Stewart  
Fife Arms v       Buckhaven United Randolph Park 11am TBC  
    West League        
Yeoman v Dunfermline Town Townhill 11am S Campbell  
Rosyth Sundays v Cowdenbeath United Fleet Grounds 12 noon J Campbell  
Lochore Castle v Sky Dallas Doyle 1pm N Martin  
Bruce Arms v Athletico FC Limekilns 11am B McLaren  
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