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  2. At the moment we are starting games again on Sunday 23rd May and also playing on Wednesdays. Parks have to be booked on Tuesdays before 5pm every week for the Sunday and the following Wednesday if you have a midweek game. Committee
  3. Cheers,, I have sent a message,, thanks
  4. Last week
  5. St.Andrews Amateurs looking for a friendly on Tuesday 25th May. Happy to play home or away, contact number 07814874986 cheers
  6. Not 100% sure but GPR might still be looking for a friendly if your interested Smithy.
  7. Hi guys This is an option below for FSAFL teams who do not have games on some of these dates depending on their progress in both Cups. The teams are not free to play on the 30th May / 6th June as they definitely have section games. Some teams will be available to play on the 20th and 27th depending on the results in the 1/4 finals on the 13th and 16th the semi finals on the 20th June and the finals on the 27th June. Committee Alan Brock <brockalan080@gmail.com> Hi Guys My name is Alan Brock. Manager of Lanark AFC We are currently looking for friendlies for the 30th May. June 6th 20th and 27th could you kindly put on your social media pages we can and are willing to travel. Club colours are orange and black Kind regards Alan Brock LANARK AFC
  8. Hearts of Beath looking for a game this Thursday,,, we happy to travel to kincardine call me on 07769046562 please Tony
  9. Any teams looking for players to strengthen there squad? Live in Glenrothes area but can travel
  10. Fife Sunday Amateur Football League Sunday 23rd May Group Sections Home and Away Referee A Buckhaven United v Yeoman Savoy Park 11am C Flucker A Fife Arms v Kirkcaldy Thistle Randolph Park 11am S Campbell B Athletico FC v Kirkland Bar Duloch Park 11am B McLaren B Rosyth Sundays v Weavers Fleet Grounds 12 noon A Duncan C Sky v Bruce Arms Dalgety Bay 1pm S Clark C FC Brig v Cowdenbeath Colts Savoy Park 11am N Martin D Cowdenbeath Utd v Ciswo Violet Park 11am T Richmond D Kingdom Rovers v Bayview Thistle Myers Park 11am C Pounder Wed 26th May A Yeoman v Fife Arms Townhill 6-45pm I Wilson A Kirkcaldy Thistle v Buckhaven United Denfield 6-45pm D Hope B Kirkland Bar v Weavers Savoy Park 6-45pm N Martin B Athletico FC v Rosyth Sundays Duloch Park 6-45pm S Clark C FC Brig v Bruce Arms Savoy Park 6-45pm J Stewart C Cowdenbeath Colts v Sky Violet Park 6-45pm A Scott D Ciswo v Kingdom Rovers Dovecot Park 6-45pm J Campbell D Bayview Thistle v Cowdenbeath Utd King George V 6-45pm C Flucker Sunday 30th May A Buckhaven United v Fife Arms Savoy Park 11am G Campbell A Kirkcaldy Thistle v Yeoman Denfield 11am S Campbell B Athletico FC v Weavers Duloch Park 11am T Richmond B Rosyth Sundays v Kirkland Bar Fleet Grounds 12 noon J Stewart C Sky v FC Brig Dalgety Bay 1pm C Pounder C Bruce Arms v Cowdenbeath Colts Limekilns 11am A Duncan D Bayview Thistle v Ciswo King George V 11am A Scott D Cowdenbeath Utd v Kingdom Rovers Violet Park 11am G Wilson Wed 2nd June A Yeoman v Buckhaven United Townhill 6-45pm J Campbell A Kirkcaldy Thistle v Fife Arms Denfield 6-45pm T Richmond B Kirkland Bar v Athletico FC Savoy Park 6-45pm C Flucker B Weavers v Rosyth Sundays Beveridge Park 6-45pm G Wilson C Bruce Arms v Sky Limekilns 6-45pm I Wilson C Cowdenbeath Colts v FC Brig Violet Park 6-45pm S Clark D Ciswo v Cowdenbeath Utd Dovecot Park 6-45pm D Hope D Bayview Thistle v Kingdom Rovers King George V 6-45pm J Stewart Sunday 6th June A Fife Arms v Yeoman Randolph Park 11am G Wilson A Buckhaven United v Kirkcaldy Thistle Savoy Park 11am S Clark B Weavers v Kirkland Bar Beveridge Park 11am A Scott B Rosyth Sundays v Athletico FC Fleet Grounds 12 noon S Campbell C Bruce Arms v FC Brig Limekilns 11am B McLaren C Sky v Cowdenbeath Colts Dalgety Bay 1pm A Duncan D Kingdom Rovers v Ciswo Myers Park 11am I Wilson D Cowdenbeath Utd v Bayview Thistle Violet Park 11am G Campbell Wed 9th June A Fife Arms v Buckhaven United Randolph Park 6-45pm J Stewart A Yeoman v Kirkcaldy Thistle Townhill 6-45pm A Scott B Weavers v Athletico FC Beveridge Park 6-45pm D Hope B Kirkland Bar v Rosyth Sundays Savoy Park 6-45pm J Campbell C FC Brig v Sky Savoy Park 6-45pm C Flucker C Cowden Colts v Bruce Arms Violet Park 6-45pm T Richmond D Ciswo v Bayview Thistle Dovecot Park 6-45pm N Martin D Kingdom Rovers v Cowdenbeath Utd Myers Park 6-45pm S Campbell
  11. Anyone had their League Cup fixtures out?
  12. Any teams looking for midweek friendlies either a tue or a thur till the end of June give us a message and can get something sorted. We have a grass park at Kincardine available and with the light nights kick off doesn’t need to be too early. Cheers
  13. James we are running a cup tournament with 4 sections of 4 teams .The teams will play each other home and away and the 2 top teams in each section will play home and away in the 1/4 finals Karens Canines Summer Cup The 3rd and 4th teams will play home and away in the 1/4 finals of Harrys Doggy Day care Challenge Cup. Should the teams be level on aggregate after the second 1/4 final games penalties will be taken to decide the winners. Committee
  14. Earlier
  15. I’ll ask around and if any joy will let you know
  16. Greig Park. Away from home if possible?
  17. What team mate? I know some looking I think.
  18. Seems to be alot of teams struggling to even get players to play in this tourney
  19. Anybody fancy a friendly next Tuesday 18th?
  20. League meeting tomorrow so hopefully get an update regards fixtures then.
  21. They can just put the fixtures out then if things change they just push it back
  22. Hi James first set of fixtures are in pinned topics at the top of this section in the Forum. John
  23. Leven amateurs are looking for players to strengthen there squad ahead of our first season at amauture level. We train a Tuesday and Thursday at KGV Park in Leven. If interested contact Mark on 07832029674 or Roberta on 07922782623. Cheers
  24. Hey buddy James from Buckhaven United, Would it be possible to have the list sent over, as in the dark on what’s going on. cheers.
  25. The East and West leagues are not being completed this season. We are going to run 2 Cup tournaments instead. We have 4 sections of 4 teams which were drawn at the Zoom meeting last night. The teams will play each other twice home and away. The top 2 teams in each section will play in the 1/4 finals of the first cup. The 3rd and 4th teams in each section will play in the 1/4 finals of the 2nd cup. Committee
  26. Hey Eastvale are currently looking to add new players to squad only training on a Wednesday night. We have a friendly for 20th if anyone would like to come along and see how is drop me message on here or David Smith on Facebook
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