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  1. Are you looking for coaches youth level
  2. Why no showers, I go to swimming pool twice a week n everyone uses showers, every 2nd shower taped of so can't be used
  3. any youth teams in the kirkcaldy area looking for additional coaching staff, been involved in management and played amateur for 20 years, been out game for few years but looking to get back involved , willing to gain any coaching badges / certificates necessary.
  4. Doesn't help when you get hammered wi fines for farting the wrong way
  5. Over 35,s league on the up by all accounts
  6. League is going downhill fast , went from having a premier , first and second to having just about enough for one league , all in the space of 2 years
  7. Nah no need to keep Sunday free, agreement at agm was the tie could be moved to astro but not the k.o time unless agreed with opposition
  8. You wouldn't believe half of what goes on in this set up
  9. Gunners v yeoman can be added to that list
  10. Best o luck defending yourself mate, you'll be hung drawn an quartered before you sit in the chair
  11. Your banter is getting boring Jizz hes never seen wan at freuchie pay a visit and I will show you around my trophy room ,full of proper fitba trophies Have you got room for one more in that cabinet
  12. Get yourselves along to the AGM if you no happy, get yourself on the committee n give them a hand instead o slagging them aff sure they would appreciate your valuable input. #make a difference.
  13. Get on wi it, it's happened for years n it will continue to happen every team is in the same boat.
  14. John Foy he's had more releases than Cliff RIchard
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