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  1. Guid post sir a hink sum wans been haen a bbq an a few sherries .....Leven tap o league last time a seen them they were rank rotten but did win tbf gpr a better outfit an wid have taen the title best to null an void tho just ma opinion YR
  2. Thanks Berti the 4g signal seems to get lost along at Coaltown every now and then lol What kind of fine do amateur clubs get these days for a withdrawal from the Scottish cup ? Weigh that up against a bus ride from Glasgow to Fife is a no brainier I’m guessing .
  3. How did the other Fife teams fair in the Scottish cup as no complete set of results in as yet ?
  4. As much as a snapshot from a Facebook page has got to do with a topic about Duncan Caithness absolutely heehaw ... good old work commitments eh seems to be the way it is nowadays then they appear elsewhere ....
  5. Only been in his company on one occasion and this post is no surprise to me ... I see work commitments are being used again for someone getting out of the back door at his old club glens it’s funny how you are busy at work after a 8-1 reverse ... good to see the glens are putting there results win lose or draw forward to the sport sections of Fife websites keeps fans up to date with how things are going good or bad just a shame not every junior club in Fife or should I say northern central fife did the same and only send there results in when they win ......
  6. Can imagine the 2 leven players will be well happy no stag no game and £300 out of pocket each :-D Surely a free week would have been a better option as the stag would have been organised well in advance no ? I’m just pd off as i gave up half a shift chose windygates to spend my sunny saturday and to make matters worse the eastvale game was an early kick off so just finished as i arrived !
  7. Because the rumours at the start of the week were true which I never paid any attention too leaving work early to go watch a match on a lovely day I got out my car to check the park it was immaculate and in great condition for football it will be interesting to hear what they told the league why the game was off when there was a game played on the park adjacent to if your not going to play on a day like that and a park like that what’s the point teams struggle for players every week but still complete fixtures win lose or draw and these 2 decide on 1 of the best days you’ll ever get in October that there too big to risk it and we will play it at a later date and btw I’m not on here winding anything up as heard it from a gpr committee man who was a hanging around somethings you keep to yourself neeber eh what I could not get my head around was the leven management team driving away up the road at 1:45 did they come to check the park or was it the hush hush wink wink handshake and everyone’s happy ......?
  8. I’m certainly not causing any bother I’m saying it how it is finished work early to take in what could have been a good game on a great day for football eastvale had just finished on the next park and it was 1 of the gpr committee going by his tracksuit top who basically said to me it was by mutual agreement due to the stag some teams go on about the fixture secretary what chance has the man got when games are called off when parks are clearly in great condition to play and while I’m here i find it absolutely classless that a guy who used to do the fixtures by all accounts is putting his neb in now and then let the boy get on with his job ffs
  9. Just left the park disappointed after taking a half shift not many better days in late October to be playing football hearing it’s by mutual agreement as both have players away on a stag ffs min it’s amateur football both these clubs can now never moan about games getting called off after today park was immaculate
  10. Was thinking exactly the same myself bombscare seems to lose his internet connection when things are not going great lol
  11. Kev and big tif never hung around there too long bit of a gamble for KSH IMO a manager from lower league amateur but does have experience with youth it will always be ecks baby let’s see how it goes
  12. Bubbles if you look closely I did answer your question and if you think that there is no difference commitment or travelling wise between amateur and junior then you need to think again
  13. Have boots will travel Probably the only manager in the history of tayport JFC not to get announced on there website says it all really
  14. I’m now curious higher level ? Lack of ambition ? Maybe these players cannot commit to this so called higher level due to work family etc etc or maybe they think that the teams that have asked them along are simply no better or possibly worse than the team they are at please don’t tell me you think that some junior teams in Fife are at a higher level let’s be realistic some are some are not probably down to money or lack of it with some clubs hence drafting in amateur players
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